Life Lately (16/07/2014)

Life Lately (16/07/2014)

These Life Lately posts of mine are becoming a bit too frequent! At least a monthly occurrence now, it seems. I know I’ve been flaky with my blogging the last few days, but I promise I’ll be back on track in the near future! Unfortunately, not only my blogging has been suffering, but also my writing, streaming, and even my gaming!

First of all, why I’ve been gone! Last week I was visiting my company’s office in LA, California. It was a very exciting trip; I’ve been out there once before but only for a few days so a full week was a treat! A lot of hard work was done, but with hard work also comes even harder play time. So what did I do while I was there? Not only did I get to visit colleagues and friends I haven’t seen for months or even years, but I got to experience a lot of things I never got to the last time I was in the States. I tried In-N-Out (pretty good, but I overhyped it!), Californian wine (delicious!), Korean BBQ, and some delightful steaks. I also got to visit Costco after being told by my colleagues it was a “quintessential American experience”. They were mostly joking, but it was fun to visit! On Friday last week, I also went on a tour of a variety of pubs in Santa Monica, and almost made it all the way to the beach before I bugged out and went to bed at 1:30am. Not my usual Friday night, but fun with very good company and lots of singing to 90s and early 00s music! I also got to see the NA LCS. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the League of Legends esports series. It was fun, and I picked up a Pulsefire Ezreal statue while I was there. Photos of my collection later!

There was also a very fun story. My good friend Sarah had shared some “unsolved crimes” with me a few days ago, and we were both creeping each other out. I read one of them, and it was all about a woman who had gone missing and was later found in a water tank on the roof of a hotel. The tank was sealed from the outside, but they ruled the death “accidental”. Moments before her disappearance, there was a video of her in the elevator of the hotel. The elevator wasn’t going anywhere, and while she looked a little unstable, it also looked like there was some foulplay. She seemed convinced she was being followed, and the lift wouldn’t go anywhere no matter what buttons she pressed.

One night, after I went out for delicious food with some awesome people from our LA office, I was leaving the office late. They were all staying to play games, and I had just come back to use the bathroom before walking back to my hotel. I got into the lift and pressed for the first/ground floor, and nothing happened. The doors closed and the lift didn’t move. I laughed, and thought, “Just like that story!” I tried calling another lift but nothing worked, so I decided to use the stairs. I didn’t know where they were, so I followed the exit signs through an empty office (creeptastic!) and found the stairwell. I walked out into the stairwell, and noticed it had a sign for roof access. I laughed again, thinking, “I bet that’s where the water tanks are!” I was suitably creeped out but mostly smiling. Until the door shut behind me and wouldn’t open again. The panic started to sink in… I sprinted down the stairs and tried every door but…nope. I felt flustered. This is how it happened! That crime was even in LA, please don’t be a murderer in the stairwell, oh please…

I called my boss, no answer. Before resolving to just spend the whole night there, or possibly try to break out through the alarmed door on the ground level, I started pounding on the door up on our floor until I heard a confused voice in the office area. Luckily a coworker came out to use the bathroom! I got back in, thank god, but was very shaken up! And the lift still didn’t work!

All of that aside, I had a great trip. However, I am thrilled to be back. I get homesick and I’m a very easily stressed out traveller, and honestly, while I missed my routine and my PC and my own bed, I truly missed my fiancé. Our nine year (!) anniversary was on Thursday, so I have the whole week off to celebrate and make up for the fact that I wasn’t here for it.

So I hope you’ll forgive my absence! Again, I know. But I will be around more often now, at least until Gamescom in August!

Halloween make-up: Ichigo from Bleach

I’ve not posted a recap of my Halloween so now seemed like a good time! Y’know, before it’s already December and utterly foolish to recall Halloween… Large photo below showing my make-up for Halloween night.

My Halloween make-up featured Ichigo from the anime/manga, Bleach!

My make-up featured the character Kurosaki Ichigo from one of my favourite anime/manga series, Bleach! I started out following some guides but honestly they didn’t help all that much, so I winged it using a screencap from the series. I picked up some water-based white, red and black costume make-up, and utilised some of my regular everyday make-up for things like outlines and shadowing. It was a little bit sloppy in the end, because I was in a rush for a meeting, but it was a lot of fun! The contact lens is from a set of wildcat contacts, which were incredibly easy to put in and remove. I had a really hard time with another set I purchased from a costume shop, so I was a bit nervous!

The night was spent in the office having a costume contest and some spooky themed food. When I got home I was pretty tired, but on Friday night I had my Halloween stream which went really well! I had the most consecutive viewers I’ve ever had (30 at one point, which may not seem like a lot but was pretty wonderful to me!) and played a bunch of games. I even played a little bit of Outlast before it made me want to die.

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween as well!