Wildstar Free2Play Launch


Wildstar was a game I enjoyed greatly when it first came out, but which fell foul of one of the MMO’s biggest issues as a genre: playing solo became quite boring, and I ended up giving up before I got too far due to there being fewer players in my level range doing any of the content. This was mostly problematic because I was very slow at levelling, but higher level players had no real reason to come back to my zones and so I was left exploring by myself. Now that it’s gone free2play this week, I’m really hyped to try it again.

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The trouble with MMOs

The trouble with MMOs: I've fallen in love with WildStar, too.

If you’ve been following the blog or have known me for any length of time, you know that I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV since its launch and have been thrilled with it because, for the first time in my lengthy MMO “career” I’ve finally found a guild that I feel at home with. They’re a great bunch of people whom I get along with really well, and I’ve even been playing other games with them. In fact, I’ve even loosely organised to meet up with a few of them in real life over the next year or so. We’ve been completing content together at a reasonable, casual pace, and make sure to make time to play together at least once a week.

However, the problem is that I’ve got this new found love in WildStar. The game is beautiful, and it reminds me so much of the good times I had in World of Warcraft back when I played. And I mean that in a good way — it doesn’t feel like a “rip off” to me, and I’m really enjoying having a modern game that I not only love, but that I can play with friends.

Why is this a problem? Because I don’t have enough time to play all of the games I want to play!

The trouble with MMOs: I work to buy my video games, then have no time to play because of work!

As the image above says, like most people work to survive, I work so I can buy games that I can enjoy. And then I have only a few hours per day to dedicate to gaming…meaning I don’t have enough time to play those games. It’s a massive first world problem, and a very pleasant problem to have considering I know not everyone is as fortunate as I am, but damn if it isn’t frustrating to know that I have gone years without an MMO that captured my interest and fed my nostalgia muscle, and now I have two.

The trouble with MMOs is simply this: they’re incredibly time-consuming, and to some extent quite addictive, meaning it’s easy to get completely wrapped up in one game and realise you’ve neglected the other, but by that stage it’s too late and you’ve missed out on a bunch of content.

And please, don’t mention EVE Online to me. I have three active accounts and a corp to run, when all I want to do is prance around colourful fields and ride around on chocobos all day, every day. What’s a girl to do? I’m considering scheduling out my MMO time, for crying out loud!

Life Lately (14/06/2014)

Life Lately (11/06/2014)

I’m still here! My sincerest apologies for being so absent lately, life has been pretty busy, both in the wonderful realm of “real life” and my gaming adventures!

Many of you know that my mum has been in and out of hospital the last few months. The good news is she finally was scheduled for her surgery last week, and while there were some minor complications during the surgery she was released on Friday! I got to go visit her at the weekend, and it was really nice! For the first time in a while I didn’t bring my laptop as I was busy all weekend. I did learn that I make a mean fried egg sandwich while I was up! She is recovering fast, and will be back to her normal self within a few weeks.

In gaming news, I have been hopelessly addicted to WildStar since its launch last week. My spellslinger is only level 18 but I’ve tried my first adventure and had a blast! I’ve honestly been clocking most of my out-of-work hours into this game lately, so I haven’t been giving other games, or my blog, the love they deserve. For that I am very sorry!

Now, I had honestly considered taking a long break from Final Fantasy XIV because of my newfound addiction, but with Square Enix announcing Rogues, Ninja and marriage in FFXIV I’m really excited! Especially because SE even went ahead and announced same sex relationships. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s great that they made the step other companies have been unwilling to do.

I will be back on my streaming schedule as of tonight, all being well, so feel free to catch me on my Twitch.tv channel for Scaredy-Cat Saturday at 10:00pm GMT+1 today!