Chatting it up on The Sundering

Hanging out on The Sundering podcast, February 2014

I’m going to be hanging out with Xia, Ceraphus and Rayfyst tonight on The Sundering podcast! I’m a total noob when it comes to podcasting; I’ve never taken part before but I’ve always been interested, and these three were kind enough to invite me onto their show for some shenanigans, on the night before my birthday of all days!

We’ll be chatting about gaming current events, and apparently I’ll answer a few questions about my gaming habits as well. Feel free to come along and listen to The Sundering podcast live at 9:00pm EST (which, for all you fellow Europeans, is 2:00am GMT or 3:00am CET, sorry!) or catch up on their website later.

This is my first podcast, be gentle!