Screenshot of the Week #5 (Blaugust #9)


I always do a Screenshot of the Week on a Sunday (read: when I remember), and I didn’t want that to be any different with Blaugust. Even though I forgot last week. Shut up.

But this week’s Screenshot of the Week is, of course, from Elite: Dangerous, which I have loved for a while but had taken a break from. It’s a screenshot taken to show off my pretty new HUD colours since I deleted my last one by mistake, and wanted to make it a more blue-toned purple anyway, and at the precise moment I took the screenshot to share, I happened to also capture a beautiful “sunrise” moment on the planet in front of me.

This game continues to astound me with its beauty every day, and at the same time remind me that this is our universe. That our universe, our very galaxy, is gorgeous.

Thank you for that, Frontier Developments.

Screenshot of the Week #4 (ARK: Survival Evolved)


This week’s screenshot of the week is an image of me riding my newly tamed raptor, Violet, in ARK: Survival Evolved. I’ve been spending a huge amount of time playing ARK and am enjoying my time taming dinosaurs, exploring, and building everything. It’s a ton of fun, and I’m actually surprisingly enjoying the fact that there are only two of us playing together, like we’re two lone survivors battling the elements! (And dinosaurs, of course!)

In case you missed it, here’s my First Impressions review of ARK: Survival Evolved! I definitely recommend it to any fans of the survival genre, particularly if you like dinosaurs.

Screenshot of the Week #2

Screenshot of the Week: Thumbs up in Saints Row IV!

This week’s Screenshot of the Week is from the beginning of Saints Row IV, which I started this weekend co-op with T. I’ve had a soft spot for Saints Row since trying the third game and realising it had everything I loved about Grand Theft Auto games, but with a healthy dose of surrealism, and it didn’t take itself too seriously. Or, in most cases, seriously at all.

In the fourth game, which has been out for rather a long while (shame on me), you become the President of the United States, and have to fight off an alien attack. The screenshot above is from the opening few moments, and I don’t even want to spoil what happens there because it’s really worth playing through to find out.

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