Geeky fashion wishlist – T-Shirt Edition!

Geeky fashion wishlist - T-Shirt Edition! Featuring t-shirts from J!NX, Think Geek, and the BioWare store.
1. Diablo III Demon Hunter T-Shirt: J!NX | 2. Mass Effect N7 Burnout Tank: BioWare Store | 3. Mass Effect Garrus T-Shirt: BioWare Store | 4. Fringe White Tulip T-Shirt: Think Geek | 5. League of Legends Singed “Do Not Chase” T-Shirt: J!NX | 6. League of Legends Volibear Tea Party T-Shirt: J!NX

In my first Geeky Fashion Wishlist post, I shared some Mass Effect N7 goodies. Above I’ve listed some must-have t-shirts that I need to have in my life, all from various games and TV shows that I adore. Over the coming months I’ll be picking up as many of these as I can to add to my collection of geeky tees, particularly those from J!NX as they’ve always been a pleasure to order from in the past!

What’s on your geeky fashion wishlist?

Geeky fashion wishlist

Geeky fashion wishlist: Mass Effect N7 wet look leggings. Geeky fashion wishlist: Mass Effect N7 dress.

It’s no secret that I’m not the most fashion conscious girl in the world. While I like to look good, I don’t keep up with the latest fashion trends, and honestly a lot of the time I’d rather wear something comfortable than anything too extravagant. But someone out there thought it was a good idea to design some delightfully geeky goodies, and I immediately started building a wishlist!

The first part of my wishlist is shown above – a pair of wet look Mass Effect N7 leggings, and an N7 mini-dress. I loved the Mass Effect series, and pretty much all of the N7 clothing and accessories I’ve seen have been pretty delightful, but these two in particular stand out as something I’d love. They’re both from Black Milk Clothing, and I’ve asked my fiancé if he’d maybe consider buying them for me for Christmas or my birthday…