Liebster Award

Liebster Award, February 2014

I really love the idea behind the “Liebster Award”, for one very big reason. Forget about receiving them, giving them is a great way to highlight amazing blogs and, more importantly, bloggers that you’ve met and love. And it’s one of the best ways for someone to find new blogs to read! The lovely Rhi at Sparkly Panda and Danielle at Underland to Wonderland nominated me, so I’m going to answer both of their questions in the one post, and only nominate one group of people because to tell you the truth I don’t know enough bloggers! I definitely want to expand my reading list though!

I apologise in advance for the length of this post!

The Rules for the Nominees

» You must link back to the person who nominated you
» You must state 11 facts about yourself
» You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the person who nominated you
» You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated with under 200 followers

11 Random Facts About Me

01. » If you asked me to choose between chocolate and cheese, I would choose cheese every time. In fact, I’d probably choose cheese over just about anything food related.

02. » Despite the obvious dangers, I’d love to live in space. I find space fascinating, and while it’s been fed by my obsession with space opera and sci-fi, I’d love to travel space sometime. Unfortunately I suspect it won’t be possible in my lifetime, and also I doubt anyone’s going to be a space pirate but, hey, a girl can dream!

03. » I’m a synaesthete, specifically grapheme-colour. In particular, I associate days of the week and months of the year with a specific colour, and it’s how I code my memories. I know I first met my fiancé on a Wednesday, because the memory is tinted blue in my head. Numbers and letters also have colours.

04. » I didn’t go to college, and I don’t have a degree or any formal qualification. I left school at 18, started working full-time first in a printing shop, then in a gaming centre that I used to work part-time in. I applied for a job in a games publisher in customer support and got it in 2008, and I’ve been working in games ever since. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

05. » Contrary to popular belief, I did actually play World of Warcraft, and for a time I loved it. I got into the early closed beta due to working at a gaming centre, and then played for about a year after that. I’d finished almost all content before reaching level 60 as I pretty much piggybacked on guild members. I finally got bored with it after a year, but until I found Final Fantasy XIV I missed it dearly, but returning never worked.

06. » I believe in the paranormal. While I can’t be certain, I’m sure I’ve encountered ghosts or apparitions multiple times, including one particular instance where I felt a dog brush up against my arm. I assumed it was my dog, Drake, but when I looked up he was lying down on the other side of the room. I’m sure I’ve seen dogs in my house a few times, and saw a man standing in my bedroom once. I always felt calm in their presence, so I don’t think they were in any way malevolent.

07. » Mountain Dew is my drink of choice, and it frustrates me endlessly that we don’t have real Dew in the UK or Ireland any more. The Energy stuff is not the same flavour! I frequently sneak off to get the closest thing I can manage, which is the stuff from Singapore from the Asian market. It’s still delicious, even if it’s not quite the same! I used to buy five mini cans for £1 at Woolworths when I was younger.

08. » I’ve participated in and “won” National Novel Writing Month twice. I have attempted to complete it four or five times but only twice I’ve managed to finish the 50,000 words. My second attempt was Drifters, which I hope to publish one day as I’m absolutely in love with it.

09. » Thanks to my good friend Heather at Hey, Heather Bee! I have an addiction to young adult space operas. Thanks for that, Heather!

10. » I had never raided in an MMO before Final Fantasy XIV about a few weeks ago. I’m horribly addicted now, and even though we’re in a casual, social guild, we raid two to four nights a week. Apparently this no longer counts as casual? Who knew!

11. » Despite the fact that I apparently exude confidence, I am incredibly shy and easily nervous. I’m very sensitive, and my self-confidence is pretty low, along with my self-esteem. I learned to fake confidence pretty well, so now when I confide in people that I have confidence issues I’m working on, they look at me astonished and say, “But Kirsty, you’re one of the most confident people I know!”

Rhi’s Questions

1. Why do you blog?
I blog because I love writing, and because I enjoy expressing myself. I started blogging purely because I wanted a journal online, which was mostly private. I started gaming blogging when a certain Tilly at Love, Tilly encouraged me to start a blog for our Final Fantasy XI adventures, and it kinda stuck ever since!

2. What is your most memorable moment from blogging so far?
Being able to host the #lbloggers chat on 5th January this year. That was a challenge, but a good one, and a ton of fun. I met a lot of lovely people through the chats, and in particular when I hosted!

3. Where would you like to see your blog in a year’s time?
I’d like to have a more concrete schedule and editorial calendar in place, and also have a ton more blogs I had connected with. It’s less about increasing my own readership, and more about finding the community I crave.

4. What’s your favourite subject to blog about?
Gaming, always. This blog is primarily focused on gaming, but I try to put in a few other subjects from time to time!

5. Have you had any bad experiences since blogging?
Not really. I’ve had a few ups and downs in the past, but Psyche Plays has had a pretty positive experience so far!

6. Is there anything new you would like to learn?
I’d love to learn how to speak Japanese or Russian.

7. What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?
Hmm, mint chocolate chip! Though it’s tough, I also adore coffee ice cream, and cookie dough!

8. What is the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?
Oh man, everything I do is geeky. I think my geekiest was probably cosplaying as Pentakill Sona from League of Legends, on-stage, as part of a cosplay band (who played real live music!). Or perhaps meeting Virginia Hey, as I freaked out when I saw her and got all nervous and stuttery.

9. Best memory of 2013?
Eek, it’s a toss-up between Gamescom and the cosplay, and visiting Punta Cana. Punta Cana was probably my favourite memory though. It was beautiful, and I miss the lifestyle I pretended I had while I was there. I’m not a big drinker, but free cocktails at noon on the beach? Amazing.

10. Benedict Cumberbatch. Discuss.
Unpopular opinion time: I find his face terrifying. He looks like he’s made up of a bunch of different facial features from different people! I also do not watch Sherlock. Sorry!

Danielle’s Questions

1. Name 3 things that you LOVE about yourself!
I love that I take childish delight in a lot of things, that I’m an overall nice person (even if that can be a problem sometimes), and that I’m incredibly passionate.

2. If you could live in any one country in the whole world for the rest of your life where would it be and why?
Germany, for sure. I loved visiting, and would love to live in Cologne. I have to visit a few other cities in Germany though!

3. Would you rather time travel into the history books or transport to the future?
Probably the future, unless history included some of those wonderful fantasy stories I’ve read!

4. If you were born the opposite sex, what were you going to be named?
David, I think!

5. To die completely happy you will want to of done what?
Written a book and had it published.

6. Favorite Harry Potter character? (If you don’t like Harry Potter, well, what on earth!?)
I actually don’t like Harry Potter, I’m so sorry! I read the first chapter of the first book and thought, “Eh…” I was reading The X-Files books at this point haha.

7. What is the nicest compliment you have been given?
Someone once told me that when they read a short story I’d written, they felt like they were really “there.” That was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said about my writing.

8. Name your greatest fear!
I’m terrified of the dark. Not what’s in the dark, I just hate being in the dark. It feels like what I’d imagine claustrophobia to feel like; I feel like I’m being crushed by the darkness, and I just want to get some light on me. It really scares me!

9. What is your favorite blog post that you have published?
I loved What’s in a guild?, which was about the time that I found my new MMO “family” in Final Fantasy XIV!

10. Who would you choose to, a)Go to a theme park with. b) Go to a resturant with. c)Go to a party with. Out of Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Justin Bieber.
Awwh man, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere with Justin Bieber. That kid does nothing for me, and he sounds like a pretty horrible person. I’d probably go to a theme park and restaurant with Johnny Depp, and a party with Megan Fox. She’s a hottie!

11. What does your name mean in the urban dictionary?
“Rock hard, amaaaaaaaaazing, such a raj and one hell of a sexy bitch!!!
Wow check out the legs on her, she’s such a Kirsty
Hah, that’s amazing!

I nominate…

Okay, so assuming I can’t nominate the same people who nominated me, I might not be able to make it to a full 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers, so I’m just going to nominate some of my personal favourites:

» Heather at Hey, Heather Bee
» J at Kin and Heart
» Yuna at Tech Bunny
» Stephenie at Infrastephy
» Jaedia at Jaedia’s Menagerie
» Zuu at Zuulzilla

These are a few of my favourite blogs with under 200 followers. I hope you’ll visit them, and perhaps learn more about them if they choose to fill out the questions I have for them! I’ll leave comments on their blogs to let them know they’ve been nominatorised in the next few days.

My questions

1. What made you decide to start blogging?
2. What do you think is the most important thing to feature in a blog post?
3. If you had to pick a favourite type of blog post to read or write, what would it be?
4. How did you choose your blog name?
5. Apart from blogging, how else do you spend your online time?
6. What’s your favourite geeky indulgence?
7. What really grinds your gears when it comes to online communities such as the blogging community?
8. What do you want to achieve on your blog by the end of 2014?
9. Off the beaten track, but what’s your dream career?
10. Do you have a bucket list? If so, what notable things are on it?
11. Marmite: love it, hate it, or never heard of/had it? Don’t say you don’t feel one way or the other. We know you’re lying.