Spooky Halloween stream!

You are invited to the Psyche Plays Halloween stream!

You are cordially invited to join me on Friday 1st November at approximately 9:00pm GMT (time to be confirmed) for a spooky Halloween stream! The stream will run “until late”, meaning I will basically stream until I fall asleep or all my viewers have run off to bed. I was originally planning on this being an all-nighter stream, but as I’ll be going up to visit family the next morning I’ll need to get a little bit of sleep for the journey!

Streamed Games:

» League of Legends (Harrowing skins only!)
» Diablo III
» Outlast
» Stop It, Slender!
» Don’t Starve

I may add more creepy games (Nightmare House 2 is a distinct possibility!) as the night goes on, but this is the list for now. To take part, simply go to my Twitch.tv channel, and make sure to click “Follow” if you want to receive a notification when I go live! I would love it if you’d come hang out with me! Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me your game suggestions.

Geeky fashion wishlist – T-Shirt Edition!

Geeky fashion wishlist - T-Shirt Edition! Featuring t-shirts from J!NX, Think Geek, and the BioWare store.
1. Diablo III Demon Hunter T-Shirt: J!NX | 2. Mass Effect N7 Burnout Tank: BioWare Store | 3. Mass Effect Garrus T-Shirt: BioWare Store | 4. Fringe White Tulip T-Shirt: Think Geek | 5. League of Legends Singed “Do Not Chase” T-Shirt: J!NX | 6. League of Legends Volibear Tea Party T-Shirt: J!NX

In my first Geeky Fashion Wishlist post, I shared some Mass Effect N7 goodies. Above I’ve listed some must-have t-shirts that I need to have in my life, all from various games and TV shows that I adore. Over the coming months I’ll be picking up as many of these as I can to add to my collection of geeky tees, particularly those from J!NX as they’ve always been a pleasure to order from in the past!

What’s on your geeky fashion wishlist?

Cosplay Wishlist: Jinx (League of Legends)

I’ve recently become pretty interested in cosplaying, after having the pleasure of cosplaying as Pentakill Sona at gamescom 2013. Now that I’ve caught the bug, I’m seeing opportunities everywhere, so I’m going to be posting wishlists of costumes that I’d love to take on as a personal challenge.

Get Jinxed!

“I might shoot you in your face…”

Ever since I heard about Jinx, I knew I was going to want to cosplay her. Coworkers have approached me and told me that her personality reminds them of me; I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment seeing as she’s notoriously crazy! But I love her. Her hair, her attitude, everything about her just attracts me. No doubt her outfit leaves little to the imagination, and she’s much skinnier than me but…I think I can make it work.

Cosplay wishlist: Jinx 3D model.Cosplay wishlist: Jinx base skin splash art.


» Bulking out of the top to fit a larger chest size and to cover a little more of the rib-cage (every carry needs her support!)
» Longer shorts and skirt (mid-thigh for shorts, perhaps down to just above the knee for the skirt)
» Would probably only make one weapon to make it easier to carry, or at least make the other weapons lighter and non-functional

I’m a curvier girl than Jinx, but like I said, I think I can make it work. A little bit of toning in the tummy region and I’ll probably even feel pretty confident wearing it! After all, I still have my spindly sparrow-legs!