Adventures in Tyria…Again (Guild Wars 2)

Guild Wars 2: Levelling a Thief following the Heart of Thorns announcement.

Guild Wars 2: Just a couple of norn badasses, no big deal.

Last weekend during PAX, Arenanet announced the first Guild Wars 2 expansion pack, Heart of Thorns. I picked up Guild Wars 2 when it was first released and truly loved the game, and even my MMO-hating fiancé played it with me! Something about GW2 just felt right: more of an RPG than an MMO, with a rich, living story and plenty of events and beautiful things to explore. There was, of course, PvP and dungeons just like most MMORPGs but those weren’t what I enjoyed most about the game. Ultimately, I stopped because I didn’t enjoy the end-game at the time, but with the announcement I’ve been dabbling again.

It’s an interesting change of pace from what I’ve been playing lately, and I’m enjoying it a lot! A few friends have returned, giving me plenty of people to talk to in-game and even play with from time to time. Right now, I’ve decided that since I don’t really understand or remember a lot of things from the game (especially at max level!) I’m going to be levelling a Guardian with a few friends, and a Thief with my fiancé, which we’re recording for fun. If you’re interested, the first episode is already live on my YouTube gaming channel. In between that, we’ve been playing around with our old characters as well so as not to neglect them, however!

The release date for Heart of Thorns hasn’t been confirmed, but I’m really excited! I never truly shut the door on GW2 as it was a fun game and one I’d always intended to return to from time to time, so I’m thankful for the expansion announcement giving me the kick up the backside I needed to motivate me.

Will you be playing again?
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