On MMO Progression (Blaugust #2)


I’ve never been one for hardcore raiding. In fact, Final Fantasy XIV was the first MMO I ever raided in at all. I came close in a few past MMOs, but I’ve always found myself bumbling around, levelling up and exploring but never taking the game very seriously. FFXIV was different, because in that game, I have met a group of like-minded people who make content progression fun, which is honestly what I’d always been missing.

That said, I find myself hungry. I want to do more. I want to experience more, challenge myself, and push myself to complete content. I don’t expect to ever be world first or even close to it, and I don’t have the time (unfortunately) to dedicate to such an endeavour. But I do find myself watching streams and videos of people progressing through FFXIV‘s most recent raid content (Alexander Savage) and wish I was doing so too.

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The difficulty of variety game blogging (Blaugust #1)

psycheplays_blaugust15-day1_video-game-bloggingImage source: #1 | #2 | #3*
What’s that clicking sound going off like a machine gun in the distance? Why, it’s the sound of 69 (or possibly more, at this stage!) keyboards typing away furiously, as Blaugust is upon us! I’ve decided to take part in the Blaugust daily blogging challenge this year, as I did last year — though I know that I will struggle to stick to it — because I know it’s good for my writing muscles. I also recently read that it’s good for you to write creatively about anything that is on your mind at least once a day, so I hope this will help me!

So, to the topic of this post. I have been blogging about games in one way or another since I started playing Final Fantasy XI in 2008, thanks to my friend Tilly at TillyKay.com getting me into the habit. I’d always written a diary or journal of some form, either physical or online, so it made sense to progress naturally into sharing my gaming adventures.

Since then, I have blogged about Warhammer: Age of ReckoningAion, and briefly about RIFT. I dabbled in EVE blogging as well. However, about a year or two ago I wanted a more general nerdy blog, and the first of three blogs was born. I’ve since settled on Psyche Plays and plan to stay here, but it is not without its challenges. 

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Screenshot of the Week #3 (FFXIV)

028This week’s Screenshot of the Week (yeah I know, I haven’t done them for a while!) is an FFXIV selfie to show off my Au Ra’s new look. In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been really enjoying playing Heavensward lately and a lot of my gaming time has gone into it. This is my Bard, currently level 60 and item level 168 or so. Got a long way to go, and Alexander is coming out this week, eep!

I will probably continue tweaking my Au Ra’s appearance for a while, and I haven’t 100% settled on Raen but I think it’s where I want to be. The white scales are really pretty, and I love the naming conventions, even if I’m not a roleplayer.

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