The difficulty of variety game blogging (Blaugust #1)

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What’s that clicking sound going off like a machine gun in the distance? Why, it’s the sound of 69 (or possibly more, at this stage!) keyboards typing away furiously, as Blaugust is upon us! I’ve decided to take part in the Blaugust daily blogging challenge this year, as I did last year — though I know that I will struggle to stick to it — because I know it’s good for my writing muscles. I also recently read that it’s good for you to write creatively about anything that is on your mind at least once a day, so I hope this will help me!

So, to the topic of this post. I have been blogging about games in one way or another since I started playing Final Fantasy XI in 2008, thanks to my friend Tilly at getting me into the habit. I’d always written a diary or journal of some form, either physical or online, so it made sense to progress naturally into sharing my gaming adventures.

Since then, I have blogged about Warhammer: Age of ReckoningAion, and briefly about RIFT. I dabbled in EVE blogging as well. However, about a year or two ago I wanted a more general nerdy blog, and the first of three blogs was born. I’ve since settled on Psyche Plays and plan to stay here, but it is not without its challenges. 

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Oops, I resubscribed

Blaugust Day 24: Oops, I resubscribed to FFXI...

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your PC (or other gaming device of choice) and staring at your list of games, not sure what to play. You remember the good old days in insert-old-MMO-here and sigh wistfully. Would it be that hard to go back? What would it be like? Most of us shut down the thought in an instant, remembering that there was a reason we quit or moved on, laugh at our moment of weakness and launch something else. I usually do. But not this time.

This time it was different, because my Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV are a big old bunch of enablers who played my personal addiction religiously. A lot of you probably already know my history with Final Fantasy XI; I wanted to play it at release so badly but couldn’t, and then a friend I met online started playing again and I jumped in too (if you’re reading this Tilly, thank you and curse you! Also, I’m sorry but I think I stole your hairstyle…) I never really got very far, not even reaching level cap, but I really loved it and I guess part of me felt rewarded since I could finally play it after not touching it when I really wanted to all those years ago. And now that my FC is playing, I’ve resubscribed again.

I’ve seen World of Warcraft players do the same, and have almost slipped up myself several times on that front. I’ve watched friends, now serial WoW quitters and resubbers, dip their toe in and get sucked into the whirlpool of nostalgia before realising the fun didn’t last. And I know, deep down, that will happen with FFXI as well. But y’know what? Right now, I’m revelling in the soundtrack while I sip on a cup of tea, just like I did six years ago on a cold evening in January, when I first started playing.

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. Pity it’s pretty terrible for my wallet.

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The good old days of MMOs

Blaugust Day 9: The good old days of MMOs, Final Fantasy XI!

I have always had a very over-active “nostalgia bone”, which tends to be my downfall when it comes to MMOs. I’m often tempted back into old MMOs that I haven’t played in a while because of it. This hasn’t really happened to me recently as I’ve most definitely found my home in Final Fantasy XIV, but I am not naive enough to think it won’t happen again sometime.

But one time I’d love to return to is the good old days of Final Fantasy XI. I didn’t reach level cap like I have done in other MMOs since, or like my friends did in FFXI on multiple jobs, but I still remember the game so fondly. I played it with Tilly of Paper Crowned; she was a veteran, whereas I had never played the game before but had always wanted to from watching friends play it in the past. I still fondly remember curling up in my old computer chair with a cup of tea for a spot of fishing with friends.

A lot of people complained about FFXI; it was a punishing game, with very little forgiveness. One of my least favourite memories is of dying after finally reaching the level that I could equip my next gear, so I ended up lying in a heap on the ground, completely naked. It wasn’t my finest moment, to say the least!

For some reason, this game holds a special place in my heart though. It was the first MMO I ever encountered, even though I wasn’t able to play due to not being able to pay for it myself (I was a young teenager!) and having paranoid parents who didn’t trust the internet at the time. So I settled for watching people playing, marvelling over how the characters really breathed and the cat girls that pranced around the beautiful environments. I listened to friends talk about what jobs they’d level and what they needed for their subjobs, what skills they wanted to level up.

I’m fully aware the game is vastly different to what it was before. I realise I probably won’t enjoy it the same way I did. But that doesn’t stop me from looking back on it fondly and remembering those great times that I spent with friends or all those wonderful people I met. And maybe one day I’ll give it a shot again!

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Interested in taking part in Blaugust?

Check out the Nook on Anook, or Belghast’s post on the Gospel of Blaugust and get started! You don’t have to write a gaming blog, and your posts don’t have to be about gaming to participate. So come along and join the fun!