A thought on veteran rewards

A thought on veteran rewards.The lovely Zuu over at Zuulzilla.com made an interesting comment in a conversation we were having on Twitter the other day, as you can see over to the right. Zuu doesn’t believe players who have played longer than others should receive special treatment through veteran rewards. The reason I find this interesting is that I personally think veteran rewards are a nice boost, a way of saying thank you perhaps. I hadn’t considered that it would actually reinforce the “timecore” aspect I had mentioned in my recent Just Sayin’ post on Hardcore vs Casual play.

I’ve seen veteran rewards as a method of thanking players for subscribing, perhaps through exclusive mounts, pets or other benefits after a few months. Everyone will receive them as long as they subscribe for that period of time. But there are other methods out there, such as giving characters bonuses based on how long they’ve been around.

So I turn the question to you guys — do you think veteran rewards are a good idea, or terrible? In what instances have you seen them before?

Check out Zuu’s blog, and you can also find her over on Twitter!

Chatting it up on The Sundering

Hanging out on The Sundering podcast, February 2014

I’m going to be hanging out with Xia, Ceraphus and Rayfyst tonight on The Sundering podcast! I’m a total noob when it comes to podcasting; I’ve never taken part before but I’ve always been interested, and these three were kind enough to invite me onto their show for some shenanigans, on the night before my birthday of all days!

We’ll be chatting about gaming current events, and apparently I’ll answer a few questions about my gaming habits as well. Feel free to come along and listen to The Sundering podcast live at 9:00pm EST (which, for all you fellow Europeans, is 2:00am GMT or 3:00am CET, sorry!) or catch up on their website later.

This is my first podcast, be gentle!

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Giveaway

Win a copy of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls!

No one can stop death... - MalthaelThey say I was lost to them. They say I turned my back on Heaven.


I am the only one with the dedication to seek that which was stolen from us. Have not we fought over it for centuries? These humans, these abominations, they are not worthy of that which we have given them. They are but creations of an abhorrent union between angel and demon. Why should we cater to them? Why should we allow them to live?

I did not turn my back. I am the only one left who upholds what we stand for. And I will not stand for this.

I am Malthael. I will rend the souls of humanity from their vile shells, and I will consume them. I am the embodiment of death.

I will do what they cannot, and you will not stop me!

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How to enter

All you have to do is “collect” the 10 villains and follow the instructions in the giveaway thread. Now that you have the name of my villain, simply visit Catalyst Gaming Media and keep an eye on the members’ content for the name of a featured villain. Visit the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls forum thread for more information and a list of participating blogs, podcasts, video creators, and comics!