Life, the Universe & Everything (19/08) (Blaugust #19)


I’ve been gone a little bit the last few days, so I thought it’d be a good time to give a Life, the Universe & Everything update. I’ve managed to keep up with Blaugust posts somewhat, but I have fallen off the wagon a few times! I’m kind of kicking myself for missing a few days.

There are two major reasons for this: first of all, I’ve been sick since last week, and because of that I’ve been finding it hard to find the energy to get on my PC. Gaming has been limited since last Wednesday, and I had to miss work to rest up. It’s getting better now, but I’m still finding myself exhausted! I also have had a pretty busy week at work which isn’t helping, because I get home from work and all I want to do is chill and turn off my brain for a little while!

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Cheating in Video Games (Blaugust #17)


I’m going to talk about an arguably controversial topic today: cheating in video games, also known as “hacking” (even though that makes no sense!) This is probably much more prevalent in FPS games or other competitive games, but it does occur pretty much across the board and is something that causes a massive problem.

The reason I wanted to raise this is because of an experience I had yesterday. I am no stranger to “hackers” in games, but yesterday I was playing H1Z1, specifically a Battle Royale match. The name “Battle Royale” comes from the Japanese novel and movie of the same name, and involves a large number of players gathering weapons and defences and fighting til only one survives (or one team, in the case of team-based games.)

Long story short, T and I were in a two-player team and had got into the top 5. We were in the tiniest safe zone imaginable and had a rough idea of where the remaining players were, as we’d already seen and heard them moving around in front of us. We had our backs and one side to cover, one of us was covering the front and the other covering the other side. As we were about to make our advance, both of us died one after the other to an invisible assailant. The kill message claimed we died to an AR15 rifle, but no gunshots were fired. The sound of the attack was much like a melee weapon, and when we died, we glitched out standing upright. We came in #3, but also didn’t receive our rewards at the end.

I was pretty livid. It’s not really worth getting too mad about as I can’t change it, but it got me thinking. Why is cheating so rife in the gaming world? I know that people want to win, and when you give them rewards they will be more likely to do so, but what makes a person want to cheat?

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Screenshot of the Week #6 (Blaugust #16)


This week’s Screenshot of the Week is a shot of my lovely sylvari mesmer from Guild Wars 2. With all of the changes recently, I’ve been wanting to get back into the game and give it a go, see what’s new with the expansion Heart of Thorns fast approaching.

I admit, like many others I’m finding the changes to skills pretty overwhelming and confusing, not to mention the fact that I always found my mesmer a little complicated! But unlike most games, I’m able to drop into GW2 and run around the countryside exploring, and still level up. My mesmer got from level 55 to almost level 70 with the use of a few Tomes of Knowledge and working on some zone completion with T’s warrior.

While I have no intentions of making GW2 my MMO home, it’s fun to jump into every now and then, and I find it really relaxing! The dungeons are challenging when you do the explorable versions of them, but they’re also entertaining with a group of fun people. I do miss the “holy trinity” of classes, but at least it means you don’t have to wait around for a tank or healer to get a group as well!

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