Some of my must-have Skyrim Special Edition mods

Some of my must-have Skyrim mods!

Note: This post is updated for Skyrim Special Edition! If you are looking for the mods I use with vanilla Skyrim, you can find them at the very bottom of the post!

One of the first questions I get asked whenever people stop by my Skyrim streams is, “What Skyrim mods do you use?” As Skyrim is one of my favourite games (The Elder Scrolls fangirl for life!) and modding is one of my favourite parts of these games, I figured I’d share some of my must-have mods for Skyrim Special Edition now that it’s been released.

Most of these mods have been installed using the Nexus Mod Manager, and are pretty simple to get set-up! There are also some mods available through the Mods section of the game, and I will note these where I have installed them in that way. If you see [IN-GAME] this means I installed it through the in-game Mods menu. Sometimes these are also available on the Nexus, so if you’d prefer to install that way just look them up! But I can’t guarantee they’re there, or that they work with other mods when installed this way as I have only tested those ones through in-game installation.

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