Review Requests

Interested in having me play your game and review it or play it live on my Twitch channel? Or do you have a product you’d like me to use and review? I’ve compiled some up-to-date information that might help you make your decision before you contact me!

Average Views (Blog): 50 – 100 per day (peak 555 in one day)
Twitter Followers: Approximately 2,500
Stream Viewers: 70+ concurrent viewers per stream, 500 unique visits per stream-day
Stream Followers: Approximately 3,500

I have had several readers comment that they’ve purchased games because of reviews I’ve done, or streams I’ve put on that they’ve watched either live or through a VOD. I love playing new games and sharing my experiences with them, and have had requests in the past to play and review games, as well as taking part in charity launch events such as for the official launch of Elite: Dangerous in which I streamed for charity for a peak concurrent viewership of 135 on Twitch.


I will never post an untrue review of a video game. If I play a game, I will honestly critique it, and if I enjoy it I will recommend it to my readers and/or viewers. While I will not recommend a game I didn’t enjoy, I will provide a fair and constructive review based on my personal preferences when it comes to gaming.

I am open to sponsored posts and links, however I will not lie to my readers or viewers. If I am receiving compensation in exchange for a blog post or stream, I will always disclaim that somewhere visible. This is required by UK law, and is also something I think is incredibly important as my community trusts me to be honest and transparent.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to reach out to me at, either to ask questions, discuss it with me, or simply send over a game key if you wish!