Disaster strikes! RIP Razer Arctosa

RIP Razer Arctosa, hello Logitech G710+!

I’ve always been more of a Razer gamer than Logitech. No particular reason; I just preferred the look and feel of Razer products. It probably helps that my first gaming mouse was a limited edition Razer Diamondback, a gift from my fiancé. But this weekend, something tragic happened. My beautiful, mostly new Razer Arctosa died. How? I wish I could blame the peripheral for spontaneously combusting, but alas, it was my own fault.

I spilled tea all over my keyboard.

Yep, in the middle of a League of Legends match, I was eating popcorn and panicked when I realised I was about to get into combat, threw my hands forward to start pressing those all important QWERs, and instead full-on dragon-punched my (very full) mug of tea, which proceeded to unleash boiling hot liquid all over my keyboard. Did I stop to clean up the mess? Why, no! I had a match to finish! So while T frantically tried to clean up after me, I finished our ARAM – and won, might I add – before realising that my fiancé had now literally covered the keyboard in tissue to soak up the mess, and my hands were buried underneath said tissue.

I thought it’d be okay. I drained the keyboard, and went into my next match with some friends. But halfway through, disaster struck once again. No, I didn’t spill yet more tea on my keyboard, but remember those all important QWERs? Yeah. I was reduced to only being able to press ‘R’. Suddenly, I could literally do nothing but ultimate as Malphite. Unfortunately the ‘R’ key isn’t quite as useful on anyone but Karthus…

Thankfully, I had a back-up keyboard. A Logitech G710+ (grumble) that I won in a contest at work. I unpacked it frantically mid-match, and we finished the game. And now that I’m using it (my first real mechanical keyboard)…I quite like it, actually! It helps that it was my saviour when I needed it most. It may not be the keyboard I needed, but it was sure the keyboard I deserved…or something. Actually, that should probably be the other way round, but whatever!

Full review will follow when I’ve had more time with it! I’m still a little saddened because I loved my Arctosa, and I’m still a Razer girl at heart, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers!

D&D shenanigans #1

I’ve always wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons; my only experience had been playing Neverwinter Nights and while there’s dice-rolling it’s all behind the scenes. I wanted to use my imagination! My fiancé was itching to run a dungeon as well, and so we picked up a premade adventure called The Sunless Citadel. Allow me to introduce our characters!

» Corthana the human fighter, played by yours truly. A noble brat, trying to make her way as an adventurer because it’s fashionable.

» Eric the human fighter, played by my fiancé Tristan. Corthana’s bodyguard, and the only reason Corthana’s father indulged her thirst for adventure. He’s a mute.

» Korben the human wizard, played by our mutual friend Andy. He gets himself into trouble an awful lot, and we don’t yet know much about him.

» Geoffrey the weasel. Korben’s trusty familiar, often used in Korben’s devices to get us out of trouble (but it often doesn’t work).

The story so far…
Not a very well-written story, just a recap!

Korben and Geoffrey approached the town of Oakhurst from the south, while Corthana and her “shadow”, Eric, approached from the north. They reached the town as an auction was underway. Further investigation showed a group of goblins standing on a wooden platform in the equivalent of a town square, one holding an apple high (or as high as a goblin can) above his head. There was a fierce bidding war, and finally a reputable merchant woman won the apple and the crowd dispersed. Korben promptly found his way to the merchant’s store and tried to bluff his way in by claiming to be an old friend of the merchant (despite being in his early 20s while the merchant was much older) and eventually succeeded, despite not being able to recall the merchant’s name when prompted. Corthana, followed closely by Eric, went to the inn to ask where she could get some adventure. This didn’t go over too well with Garon, the barkeep, as she didn’t give him any money and treated him quite rudely, but he pointed the pair in the direction of the merchant’s home.

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Adventures at gamescom 2013

gamescom 2013: The biggest gaming convention in the world with 340,000 visitors this year!

From 20th August to 26th August I was AFK, as I was visiting Cologne, Germany for gamescom 2013! For those of you who don’t know, gamescom is the largest gaming convention in the world, with around 300,000 attendees each year since it began. This year, we broke records, as the convention was sold out from Thursday to Sunday – the first time Sunday had been sold out before – bringing 340,000 total attendees! Really exciting, and I was working the whole convention.

gamescom 2013: Hanging out with Riot Pente backstage before the crowd came in on Wednesday.

This year I was responsible for keeping our mini-site coverage up to date and being “the eyes and ears” for people who couldn’t make it to the event on social media. I was on stage to present cosplay shows twice a day every day (though on the last two days I lost my voice due to the infamous nerd flu and couldn’t speak!) which was scary, but really exciting! Wednesday was quiet as it was only open to press and media, and a select few people who were lucky enough to get a hold of limited tickets. After that, the halls were packed. I got to roam around a bit and see some other games I was interested in on the last day, since my schedule was a bit quieter, and picked myself up some Skyrim swag!

gamescom 2013: Cosplaying as Pentakill Sona, backstage before our first performance!

The scariest part of gamescom for me this year was cosplaying myself, for the first time ever! I cosplayed as Pentakill Sona from League of Legends, and it was terrifying but so exciting. I think I’ve well and truly caught the cosplay bug now, and got T involved as well; he’s agreed to help me make costumes if I decide to start cosplaying for real! I think I’d like to do that as a hobby.