Blizzard drop Diablo III Auction House

Blizzard decides to remove the Auction House from Diablo III in March 2014.

The team behind Blizzard’s action RPG Diablo III have decided to remove the Auction House from the game as of 18th March 2014. Their reasoning is that it’s “become increasingly evident that…[the AH] ultimately undermines Diablo’s core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot”. This change will affect both the gold and real money AH, which is a move I honestly didn’t see the company going for.

How do I feel about it? Pretty intrigued! I didn’t mind the AH, in fact I made a great deal of use out of it when levelling my Demon Hunter and beating Inferno. I knew I’d never finish the game though; I’m merely Paragon Level 6, and my gear isn’t quite as robust as I’d like. Unfortunately, playing the game became less about getting cool items and building up my DH’s gear, and more about grinding, grinding, grinding until I had enough gold to buy items that I wanted on the AH. I didn’t really like the real money AH purely because I tend to buy an item without looking at all the possible iterations of said item (I do shop around, just not as much as I should) and I couldn’t justify spending real money just to discover there was another much better set piece for a few cents more.

I think this will be good for the game, and I see a lot of former players vowing to come back after not playing in a while. While I’m disappointed that I haven’t managed to build my character up to ridiculous levels of DPS quite yet, I do have time since the change doesn’t go through until next year.

What do you think about this change?

Can I outlast Outlast?

The answer to that question is probably a resounding, “No.” I cannot outlast brand new indie horror game Outlast. My first playthrough, above, I barely lasted 16 minutes excruciating minutes. Apologies in advance for the dark webcam and very loud mic.

I am a scaredy-cat by nature. Horror movies are usually okay, but I have incredibly severe nyctophobia (fear of the dark) and it’s not just what might be in the dark that scares me, but the darkness itself. Horror games get me involved in the action, which is inherently scarier than just passively watching. I tried to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent, another indie horror game and one of the most infamous, and also F.E.A.R., but have not finished either. I thought it was a great idea to pick up Outlast for some reason!

I’m determined to finish this one, so I’ll be adding videos to my Outlast playlist as they come out, and will also be livestreaming on my channel for Scaredy-Cat Saturdays!

I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’ll be putting out horror videos every Saturday (or Sunday) and other gameplay videos throughout the week!

D&D shenanigans #2

We revamped our party structure a little to help T with his DMing, since he wanted to try out some stuff before continuing the campaign with a wider audience (even if that wider audience was only an additional person). Korben has been temporarily removed (including his pet weasel, Geoffrey) and replaced with the following new additions:

» Derrys the human cleric, intelligent as in book-smart, but sincerely lacking in common sense. Sweet, but ditzy and quite clumsy.

» Kevvan the halfling rogue, pretty much a jack of all trades, master of none. He’s not quite as nimble as he pretends, which means when he does manage to be dextrous, he takes great pride in it and makes sure everyone knows about it.

In which my DM makes me cry…

We continued where we left off. This time, we camped out before making our way back to the ravine, in search of the infamous Sunless Citadel. A short trek through the shadowed crevice and we arrived at the courtyard. The citadel was more than a little bit dilapidated, with crumbling stone crenulations strewn about the cobblestoned courtyard. Down here, the sunlight barely reached the ravine floor, and the limited light cast eerie shadows across the rock face.

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