SteamOS announced

Valve announces Steam Operating System (SteamOS). In an effort to bring Steam to living rooms everywhere, Valve has announced SteamOS, a free operating system designed for the TV. Built on a Linux framework, it will run on living room systems and allow gamers to access the great community features of Steam, as well as all of their games and user-generated content.

Supposedly, the new operating system will allow vast improvements in graphics processing, and Valve has set their sights on improving performance further through audio and input. I’ll be interested to see how this will work, but since it’s already confirmed that a lot of existing Steam titles are already working on SteamOS, that’s definitely a good start.

Some of the most important features are listed below:

» In-home streaming: stream from your PC to your SteamOS device while you play.
» Access to a wide variety of media: music and video services coming soon. Something similar to Netflix, maybe?
» Family sharing: this was already announced, and is a feature I love. Sharing with close friends/family just like gaming days of old!
» Cross-platform cloud: ability to switch from your PC to your SteamOS device and continue your game where you left off.

No date confirmation yet, but I’d imagine they’ll keep the SteamOS page up to date. What do you think? Is this something you’d use?

Monday Quotes: 60 seconds of happiness

For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.
Source: Pinterest

The quote above, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, speaks to me a lot recently. With normal, everyday stresses, I’ve been finding myself getting easily frustrated and even angry at some things. People choosing to talk about me behind my back rather than approach me with concerns, for example. However, almost every time I’ve tried to keep positivity in mind. I’m a firm believer that negativity breeds negativity, and that if someone else chooses to be negative, it’s your responsibility to not let them bring you down with them.

I’ve not always been successful in keeping my chin up in the last few weeks, and I admit I’ve broken down once or twice, but I’m feeling much more positive and extremely proud of myself. I would have let things like this get me down much more even a year ago.

What is your inspirational Monday quote?

Final Fantasy XIV post round-up

My FFXIV: ARR character, Sirantha, exploring Toto Rak!

For those of you who don’t know, I keep a specific Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn blog to follow my kitty’s antics across Eorzea called Psyche Plays FFXIV. Each week on a Saturday I will post a Final Fantasy XIV post round-up so anyone not actively following my FFXIV blog can check out any of the posts I’ve made over there, or any other relevant stuff I’ve done!

» Dungeon Guide: Sastasha – I wrote a short guide for the first dungeon in FFXIV: ARR, and will continue to do so for all other dungeons!

» PUG’ing all day long – a short rant about my pick-up group woes.

» My FFXIV: ARR review on The Arcade – I got a writing gig with The Arcade and voiced my thoughts on my new favourite MMORPG.

I’ll be keeping that blog up to date with any specific in-game content, so I hope you enjoy your read! Thanks for checking it out.