League of Legends worlds semi-finals start today!

The League of Legends worlds semi-finals start today!The League of Legends Season 3 World Championships have been raging on for the last few weeks, and as a European player last weekend I was biting my nails watching the FNATIC vs Cloud9 match, hoping I’d be seeing my region playing again soon! Unfortunately Gambit didn’t make it through, but I’m excited to know that later today (since it’s technically semis day!) I’ll be able to watch an EU team play once again thanks to FNATIC’s impressive victory last weekend.

The semis kick off at 4:00am, in just under four hours, with two Korean giants, SK Telecom T1 facing off against Najin Black Sword. Later on, at 8:00pm we’ll get to see the terrifying Chinese top seed, Royal Club, playing against the Season 1 winners, FNATIC.

While I’ll be watching both matches, I’m really looking forward to the latter. I’m nervous for FNATIC; Royal is an amazing team and they played incredibly well in their quarters match against fellow Chinese team OMG. I’ve got beers and girlie alcopops in the fridge ready for the match, and I’ve cancelled my streaming plans for tomorrow evening. I may invite fellow fans to join me in my Twitch chat to hang out and chat about the games before, during and after. How will you be watching the semi-finals? Stay up to date with the latest on lolesports.com.

How to make your CV stand out (Working in Games #1)

Writing a Games Industry CV | Working in Games #1
I’ve been working in the games industry for almost 10 years, and for about a year I worked in recruitment. Not only do I pride myself in my own CV, but I have a fair idea of what makes an application really stand out when it reaches the recruitment team of the company you’re interested in, so here are some tips on writing an excellent games industry CV/resume, and make sure your job application gets noticed.

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SteamOS announced

Valve announces Steam Operating System (SteamOS). In an effort to bring Steam to living rooms everywhere, Valve has announced SteamOS, a free operating system designed for the TV. Built on a Linux framework, it will run on living room systems and allow gamers to access the great community features of Steam, as well as all of their games and user-generated content.

Supposedly, the new operating system will allow vast improvements in graphics processing, and Valve has set their sights on improving performance further through audio and input. I’ll be interested to see how this will work, but since it’s already confirmed that a lot of existing Steam titles are already working on SteamOS, that’s definitely a good start.

Some of the most important features are listed below:

» In-home streaming: stream from your PC to your SteamOS device while you play.
» Access to a wide variety of media: music and video services coming soon. Something similar to Netflix, maybe?
» Family sharing: this was already announced, and is a feature I love. Sharing with close friends/family just like gaming days of old!
» Cross-platform cloud: ability to switch from your PC to your SteamOS device and continue your game where you left off.

No date confirmation yet, but I’d imagine they’ll keep the SteamOS page up to date. What do you think? Is this something you’d use?