My Dream Loot Crate — The Nostalgia Crate


Recently I learned about a project Loot Crate is running called “Dream Crate”, where people can create their own dream Loot Crate, no matter how wild and imaginative, and have a chance to have their dream become a reality for a future crate release. I was of course really excited about this, as I have been a monthly subscriber to Loot Crate in the past and will be again now that we’ve moved to somewhere with more reliable postage!

For anyone who isn’t familiar, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service that provides nerds and gamers with a selection of goodies delivered straight to their door. Each box has a theme and is filled with figurines, clothing and accessories that fit the chosen topic.

I thought about this a lot, as there are a ton of things I’m super passionate about, and I finally came up with the one crate I would love to see released one day: The Nostalgia Crate. When I shared the idea with my fiancé he said I should rename it the “Rad 90s Crate”!

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No Man’s Sky Review – Should You Buy?

No Man's Sky Review

No Man’s Sky, the long anticipated space exploration game, released recently on both PS4 and PC. The gaming community hyped it up since its first announcement. But did it live up to expectations?

I have invested around 25 or so hours into the game so far since its launch. I wasn’t particularly over-excited for No Man’s Sky. It looked enjoyable, and I love space games. However, I was also satisfied with my repertoire of available space exploration games as it was. With that in mind, I cautiously watched from the sidelines, avoiding too many spoilers, and looked forward to the game coming out so I could try it for myself. It’s safe to say I didn’t buy into the hype too much.

That said, I do very much enjoy No Man’s Sky. I also have a lot of criticisms for it. It is not without its flaws, and at the moment it seems that the gaming community is divided: either they love the game and think its perfect as it is, or they hate it and scorn Sean Murray for his somewhat misleading statements leading up to the game’s release. I fall a little in the middle.

Here is my No Man’s Sky review after spending a substantial amount of time in game, exploring three systems and numerous planets (both inhabited and completely empty.)

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Don’t Be a Downer | We Happy Few – First Impressions


I love playing horror games and scaring myself, but if there’s one thing I’m terrified of more than any of the games I’ve played to spook myself it’s surrealism, particularly the happy kind. For this very reason, We Happy Few genuinely seemed like the perfect game for me. With a suitably creepy aesthetic and theme, and the chirpy surrealism that rustles me to my core, We Happy Few quickly earned the spot as my most highly anticipated Kickstarter game, and I backed it almost immediately.

I have been excited for its release ever since I backed it just over a year ago, and after that I tried to put it to the back of my mind so I could go into the game with a fresh pair of eyes and a completely unspoiled mind, ready to be freaked out. I ignored the E3 coverage and waited patiently for its release. I almost decided not to play in Early Access when I discovered that its story hadn’t been released yet, and it was instead a fairly early demo version of the game, but my excitement got the better of me.

Sadly, I was quite disappointed.

Here are my initial thoughts and first impressions of We Happy Few, along with a breakdown of what the game is, what it does well, and where it needs to improve. I’ll also give you a recommendation at the end on whether or not I think you should pick it up and why.

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