This blog may occasionally contain affiliate links. Here is my full disclosure with information on what this means for you as a reader.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a link to a website where purchases are made, and the affiliate (usually  blogger or content creator) receives a small commission for purchases made with their link. How it works is you click the link and are directed to a seller (eg. Amazon). If you make any purchase on that website during your session, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. By using my affiliate links to make purchases, you directly support me and my content, and I appreciate that very much!

When you make a purchase through an affiliate link, you are buying from a seller. You are not buying from me directly. The items will cost exactly the same to you whether you use my affiliate link or not, the only difference is I get a small commission if you use my link.

What kind of links are affiliate links?

Websites I am currently partnered with are Amazon, GOG, and GreenManGaming. If you see links from these websites on PsychePlays.com or on my Twitch stream, they are more than likely affiliate links. I will always do everything I can to disclose when I have included an affiliate link.

Each of these works the same way: if you browse around the sites after using one of my links and make a purchase during your session, the price will be the same for you, but I will get a small commission.