Christmas 2013 Recap

Christmas 2013 Recap: Family's Christmas decorations.

Christmas 2013 Recap: Getting in the spirit with a mini Santa hat! Christmas 2013 Recap: Glamorous decorations in the most glittery bathroom ever!

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday, but for the last few years I haven’t been nearly as excited as I used to be as a child. Part of me thought it was me growing up, but now that I’m less stressed than I’ve ever been I’ve noticed that this year I was practically bubbling over with excitement! Santa was coming, and I physically couldn’t wait til he did! I spent my Christmas with my family as I normally do, and it was delightful. I even got to spend a few extra days with them, which was definitely much needed.

I travelled up to visit them on the Saturday before Christmas. Our plans were simple. Sunday was shopping and Christmas markets day in Belfast (no, I hadn’t finished my shopping until then…don’t judge me!). On Monday, I went for a joint massage with my mum and it was amazing. I had never had a back massage before, so it was a real treat, even if I was a bit nervous because I had never done it before!

Christmas 2013 Recap: Out for coffee with my sister and mum.

While I love receiving gifts, of course, giving gifts is an unbelievable joy and I think I’m pretty good at it. I picked up some really personal gifts for most of my family, and I got my fiancé a host of small nerdy gifts, including a Dungeons & Dragons starter kit so we could play with figures etc, instead of just with books. It had a starter dungeon and means we don’t need a DM, which was our biggest problem before! I was really excited to exchange gifts with him and his family, and I was completely spoiled.

Some of my favourite gifts I received this year include the Farscape complete boxset from my Tristan. He knows me well, and I was extremely excited when I opened it! He’s promised me a rewatch starting tonight, so I’m looking forward to that. I got a lot of lovely clothing, but one of the highlights from my family was a gorgeous bronze unicorn statue, which I’ll share with you when I can get a nice photo of it! His name is Björn. I’ve always joked with my dad that I want him to buy me a unicorn, so this year, for Christmas, he did!

Christmas 2013 Recap: The cutest onesie I ever did see! (excuse messy bed hair) Christmas 2013 Recap: Being a bed ninja because it's so cold here!
Apologies for the low quality photos; I’ve had to use a phone camera as I don’t have an actual camera!

Geeky fashion wishlist – T-Shirt Edition!

Geeky fashion wishlist - T-Shirt Edition! Featuring t-shirts from J!NX, Think Geek, and the BioWare store.
1. Diablo III Demon Hunter T-Shirt: J!NX | 2. Mass Effect N7 Burnout Tank: BioWare Store | 3. Mass Effect Garrus T-Shirt: BioWare Store | 4. Fringe White Tulip T-Shirt: Think Geek | 5. League of Legends Singed “Do Not Chase” T-Shirt: J!NX | 6. League of Legends Volibear Tea Party T-Shirt: J!NX

In my first Geeky Fashion Wishlist post, I shared some Mass Effect N7 goodies. Above I’ve listed some must-have t-shirts that I need to have in my life, all from various games and TV shows that I adore. Over the coming months I’ll be picking up as many of these as I can to add to my collection of geeky tees, particularly those from J!NX as they’ve always been a pleasure to order from in the past!

What’s on your geeky fashion wishlist?