Screenshot Sunday #9

I’m going to interrupt the holy ritual of a wordless Screenshot Sunday to say first of all, I’m sorry for my lack of posts this week! Secondly, I am deeply invested in Final Fantasy XIV hence the multitude of screenshots you keep seeing from it. And finally, only one screenshot this week as I’ve been crazy busy with work and super tired when I get home! Hope you’ve all had more gaming this week than I have. I’ll be making up for it next week!

SCREENSHOT SUNDAY: Final Fantasy XIV - Just giving someone the sideeye in Crystal Tower.

Happy Sunday!
What have you been playing this week?

Screenshot Sunday #1

I decided to revive Screenshot Sunday and start posting screenshot only posts as a recap of my gaming! Feel free to join in and post your own screenshot posts along with me on Sundays, make sure to link me to them so I can check them out too! This week focuses on Final Fantasy XIV, which pretty much sums up my gaming life lately.

SCREENSHOT SUNDAY: Final Fantasy XIV: Hanging out with FC mates is the most fun!

SCREENSHOT SUNDAY: Final Fantasy XIV: I managed to get Ifrit's Cane on my fourth run of Ifrit Hard Mode!

Happy Sunday!