Blaugust – The Story So Far (Blaugust #27)

Blaugust is nearing its end, with only four days to go after today, and I’m really starting to feel it. It’s been a wonderful journey, and here are a few of the highlights and lowlights of this year’s Blaugust.


  • I met a ton of gaming and geeky bloggers that I had never met before, and now have a lot more blogs on my reading list!
  • I made much more of an effort to comment on blog entries, which made me feel more engaged with the blogging community. I’ve always felt like gaming blogging had very few people in its community compared to other blogging genres but now I see I was just looking in all the wrong places!
  • My creativity bone has well and truly been stimulated. Making an effort to blog every day has actually encouraged me to continue working on the novel I want to publish one day (hopefully sooner rather than later) and I’ve started making some major progress on it!


  • Not specifically related to Blaugust, obviously, but I got sick at about week two and it really killed my productivity for a few days. It made blogging very difficult, let alone anything else I needed to do.
  • I think I missed a total of four days throughout Blaugust, due to illness mostly, but over the past weekend I missed a day as I often blog in the evenings, and on Saturday I streamed for longer than normal and was so tired I just went straight to bed.
  • I feel like I should have a specific topic to talk about during Blaugust, and that they should be somewhat general. For that reason, I’ve put off doing a first impressions review of a game I’d like to share, because it doesn’t feel like a Blaugust topic. Even though I know Blaugust is just about posting every day!

All in all, it’s been a wonderful event this year, and I was much more productive than last year. I feel like I could do any challenge that comes my way now. So NaNoWriMo this year? Totally going to tackle it!

I’d like to take this somewhat premature opportunity to thank Bel for organising this, and for keeping everyone motivated throughout the challenge! And thank you to all the wonderful people I’ve met while taking part.

What’s your journey through Blaugust been like? Any highlights or lowlights for you?

I’m an Alt-a-Holic (Blaugust #25)


As you can see, my Guild Wars 2 characters reveal my altitis. Though ooh, I do have one more character slot!
I admit it. When it comes to MMOs, and even sometimes RPGs, I’m definitely an alt-a-holic. I have altitis. Whatever you want to call it, I make too many goddamn alts!

Why do I do it? First of all, in traditional MMOs — in this regard FFXIV does not count as traditional — playing all the classes meant creating a new character for each one. Frequently I would have at least two characters going at any one time, and as I rarely made it to level cap in past MMOs that didn’t matter all that much. I have a tendency to be indecisive about what class I actually want to play, so this often manifests itself in me creating a new character every now and again. Worse still, I frequently want to look at a pretty new character without having to spend real money because I’m cheap. There, I said it. I’m cheap.

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Accepting Tips/Donations as a Streamer (Blaugust #24)


Image from
As many of you know, I have been streaming for a while now, but in the last few months or so I’ve become more committed and started following a much more consistent schedule. I stream three to four nights a week, at the same time on the same days. One of my personal favourite streaming days is Saturday, when I often do “Scaredy-Cat Saturday” where I play a horror game, preferably from start to finish like I did with both Outlast and it’s DLC Whistleblower.

This past Saturday was the first day I’d done that in a long time, and thanks to a suggestion from my friend Bren, I decided to change my follower and tip notification sounds to be horrible sound effects! My follower alert became a suspenseful music bite, and my tip notifications were tiered based on tip amount, with increasingly terrifying screams. The worst one I set quite high because honestly, I’d rather not see what my face looks like after that scream goes off while streaming!

After streaming The Evil Within for an hour or so, I’d received a tip from T who thought it’d be funny to try and scare me, and another larger one from a viewer. I was, and still am, incredibly grateful for the support, but something gnawed at me after the stream.

Being tipped felt…weird.

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Screenshot of the Week #7 (Blaugust #23)

psycheplays_blaugust15-day23_screenshot-of-the-week_ffxiv2This week’s Screenshot of the Week is my au ra lady’s stupid looking grin after I gave her a bit of a makeover this weekend. I hate to admit it but I have used a ridiculous number of Fantasia potions messing around with my character’s appearance, though apart from one fun little detour, I’ve stuck with miqo’te for the first half of my time in FFXIV and now an au ra since the expansion.

Some days, I miss my little catgirl and consider switching back to a miqo’te, but since I was so excited for the dragonlady and even renamed my character to make her name more lore friendly, I think I’ll wait it out for a little longer before I go and buy yet another Fantasia for the pleasure!

What have you been playing this week?

EQ2’s Prison Server Experiment (Blaugust #21)


In case you haven’t heard already, later this week Everquest 2 will release a Prison Server known as Drunder, where players who are consistently disruptive or break the rules of the game will be sent and will never return from.

I’m not even exaggerating — players who get sent to Drunder will have their entire account sent there. No characters can exist outside of Drunder if you’re sent there, and you’ll never come back. Players can request to be sent there via a support petition, but again, they will not be able to transfer off.

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Currently Playing (Blaugust #20)


I read Jewel’s post on being a Crazy Game Lady this morning, and it kinda struck home for me. Up until very recently, I never had a gaming “home”. While I had a few games I played consistently, when it came to things like MMOs, I would hop from one to the next. I never reached level cap in any of the MMOs I played for a long time.

I have played almost every major MMO release since my early teenage years, and stuck to none of them. I’ve dabbled in WoW, dipped my toe in Final Fantasy XI (that one stuck a little more than most!), played Aion for a while and eventually pushed to the max level in RIFT before dropping it like a hot potato because its end-game didn’t appeal to me and my time schedule.

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My Favourite Horror Game (Blaugust #15)


In honour of Scaredy-Cat Saturday, something I started a long time ago on my stream, and the fact that I’m currently enjoying watching Julia play Kholat, I want to talk about horror games and my intense love for them.

It is no secret that I am a wuss. As I told you in my last post, I’m scared of the dark. My fiancé, T always manages to freak me out by telling me scary little stories because he thinks it’s hilarious. My imagination runs wild, and I get so utterly freaked out. And yet for some reason I absolutely love playing horror games!

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The Game That Means the Most to Me (Blaugust #13)


As many of you know (mostly because I’ve told you before), I’ve been playing games pretty much as long as I can remember. It started with Duck HuntSuper Mario Bros and Top Gun on the NES, and has been a love affair ever since.

But there is one game that means a whole lot to me, and will always have a very special place in my heart. It’s a game that I can go back and play even now, when retro games don’t always have the same appeal as they’re often clunky or have even been remade.

That meaningful game is Neverwinter Nights. It started me on my intense love for roleplaying games, spurred on a desire to play D&D, and most importantly is how my fiancé and I became close friends and eventually formed a big part of our relationship. Unlike many gaming couples, we didn’t meet through the game, but we did play it together with a few friends back when we had just met, and it was what made us spend a lot of time together and eventually revealed to us that we actually felt a lot closer than “just friends”.

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Venturing Into PvP (Blaugust #10)


I am not a big PvP player. I have PvP’d before, and enjoyed it, in games like EVE Online and a few fantasy MMOs were PvP is restricted to a scenario or instance and kept away from the open world, but for the most part, my focus has always been on PvE.

I initially started dabbling in FFXIV PvP a week or two ago for one reason, and one reason only: to get my paws on the gorgeous armour sets and use them for glamours. I am not ashamed to admit that, glamour is a fantastic feature and one I use a great deal. My White Mage above is sporting the lovely Swansgrace Coat and Direwolf Thighboots of Healing, and I know already that I want to pick up the Swansgrace weapon and some of the Unicorn set for my Bard.

But a strange thing has happened in my grind for Wolf Marks, the currency used to pick up these items. I have started to enjoy PvP.

I know! Me! I have found myself defaulting to doing PvP to get tomestones for normal gear, and spending a lot of my time in-game running the PvP roulette (which basically means doing Seal Rock over and over) and really enjoying it. For those who don’t play or who haven’t tried Seal Rock or FFXIV PvP at all, it’s like a capture-and-hold type game mode where points called nodes will activate around the map and Grand Companies will battle it out to capture these nodes, earning points for their team up to a maximum of 800. I was really intimidated the first time I tried it but I had so much fun that I’ve been going back ever since.

Now it’s less about the gear, and more about having fun pew-pewing enemy Grand Companies, working with my team, and just generally having a good time. I was so surprised at myself! It’s even inspired me to venture into PvP in other games too, and focus on more PvP aspects of the games I play.

Do you do PvP? What’s your favourite type of PvP you’ve experienced in games, particularly MMOs?

How to Survive Blaugust (Blaugust #7)

psycheplays_blaugust15-day-7_how-to-survive-blaugustImage source:

Now that we’re one week into Blaugust, I think everyone is starting to realise that while it’s very rewarding, there is an inherent challenge in posting on your blog every day, especially when you’re not used to it. For example, I try to blog about two to three times per week, so this is a big step up for me!

With that in mind, here are five of my own tips on how to survive Blaugust and make it rewarding for you!

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Returning to Elite: Dangerous (Blaugust #4)

psycheplays_blaugust15-day4_elite-dangerous-bounty-huntingI have neglected my time in Elite: Dangerous lately, I am loathe to admit. I got a little frustrated with Voice Attack as it has issues with my weird accent, and I was taking that out on the game (shame on me, I know.)

But the game is truly beautiful, especially for a space geek such as myself with aspirations to be a space cowboy and/or pirate. Yes, I may have seen one too many sci-fi movies and TV shows or read one too many trashy space opera novels, but what can I say? Elite: Dangerous has allowed me to, at least in some way, indulge in my fantasy of exploring the skies and beyond.

Bounty hunting gets my heart racing and the blood pumping through my veins in a way that few games have had me feel in recent years. I end up whooping at the screen when I start to blow an enemy to bits, only to follow it up a few minutes later with intense screeching while I try to haul ass away from the torrent of lasers and/or projectiles flying my way.

I also find I get very…engaged. You know when your mum or dad tried to play video games back when you were young, and they would try to throw themselves bodily around corners in racing games, or jump in real life with Mario when hopping over a gap? Yeah, I do that in this game. I find myself hurling my upper body around while gripping my joystick and throttle, hoping to escape certain death (and thankfully usually managing it, until I crash into the side of a station while getting cocky at winning a race with my fiancé, ahem…)

All in all, I’m really excited to get myself back into space. I just don’t know where to start! I’ve begun my upgrading my Viper, and trying out my new guns in some combat zones and trawling for bounties, but my heart lies in exploration. Right now, I am using my Viper to build up funds to build a decent exploration ship with all the fixings, and get myself checking out some of the beauties of our universe. You can check out some of the results of my last exploration trip (some time ago, admittedly) in my video of a visit to the Acrux system.

Because after all, that is the beauty of this game. This is our galaxy. It’s all that we know about the Milky Way, plus our best estimate as to what else is there. If we know about it, it’s in the game. And I think that’s incredibly exciting.


What’s In a Name? (Blaugust #3)


Since I’m making an effort to write every day, I thought it would be a good idea to share something about me I get asked often, as a way of getting to know you all a little better! I often get asked where my gaming alias, Psyche, came from and why I went with it.

First of all, I think it’s important to say that it’s Psyche; not Psych, not Psycho, not anything in between. The ‘e’ is not silent — pronounce it like “psy-kee”.

The name itself I took from the Greek legend of Eros and Psyche. I had a bit of a mythology obsession when I was much younger, and read up on ancient stories in my spare time. I was around 11 or 12 and was looking for something to identify myself online when we first got the internet, and Psyche was born. I found the story beautiful, and it just sort of stuck.


I have gone by that name ever since; in the gaming centre I used to hang out in and eventually came to work in, I was Psyche or Psy. It was my name on various online communities, and I was always devastated (and still am, these days!) when the name was already taken. That’s how I became MissPsyche on Twitch and in various games I play, which sometimes I regret, especially after branding my blog this way.

I always feel a bit antsy when the name is taken, because it’s genuinely been my name for so long that I respond to it in real life if someone calls me by it. My mum even jokingly called me it a few times, and if she came into the gaming centre I worked in she would ask for Psyche, not Kirsty. Colleagues call me it at work, as it’s what I go by in our game’s community as well.

What inspired your name? Share it with me in the comments or feel free to make a Blaugust post of your own on the topic!

Oops, I resubscribed

Blaugust Day 24: Oops, I resubscribed to FFXI...

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your PC (or other gaming device of choice) and staring at your list of games, not sure what to play. You remember the good old days in insert-old-MMO-here and sigh wistfully. Would it be that hard to go back? What would it be like? Most of us shut down the thought in an instant, remembering that there was a reason we quit or moved on, laugh at our moment of weakness and launch something else. I usually do. But not this time.

This time it was different, because my Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV are a big old bunch of enablers who played my personal addiction religiously. A lot of you probably already know my history with Final Fantasy XI; I wanted to play it at release so badly but couldn’t, and then a friend I met online started playing again and I jumped in too (if you’re reading this Tilly, thank you and curse you! Also, I’m sorry but I think I stole your hairstyle…) I never really got very far, not even reaching level cap, but I really loved it and I guess part of me felt rewarded since I could finally play it after not touching it when I really wanted to all those years ago. And now that my FC is playing, I’ve resubscribed again.

I’ve seen World of Warcraft players do the same, and have almost slipped up myself several times on that front. I’ve watched friends, now serial WoW quitters and resubbers, dip their toe in and get sucked into the whirlpool of nostalgia before realising the fun didn’t last. And I know, deep down, that will happen with FFXI as well. But y’know what? Right now, I’m revelling in the soundtrack while I sip on a cup of tea, just like I did six years ago on a cold evening in January, when I first started playing.

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. Pity it’s pretty terrible for my wallet.

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The good old days of MMOs

Blaugust Day 9: The good old days of MMOs, Final Fantasy XI!

I have always had a very over-active “nostalgia bone”, which tends to be my downfall when it comes to MMOs. I’m often tempted back into old MMOs that I haven’t played in a while because of it. This hasn’t really happened to me recently as I’ve most definitely found my home in Final Fantasy XIV, but I am not naive enough to think it won’t happen again sometime.

But one time I’d love to return to is the good old days of Final Fantasy XI. I didn’t reach level cap like I have done in other MMOs since, or like my friends did in FFXI on multiple jobs, but I still remember the game so fondly. I played it with Tilly of Paper Crowned; she was a veteran, whereas I had never played the game before but had always wanted to from watching friends play it in the past. I still fondly remember curling up in my old computer chair with a cup of tea for a spot of fishing with friends.

A lot of people complained about FFXI; it was a punishing game, with very little forgiveness. One of my least favourite memories is of dying after finally reaching the level that I could equip my next gear, so I ended up lying in a heap on the ground, completely naked. It wasn’t my finest moment, to say the least!

For some reason, this game holds a special place in my heart though. It was the first MMO I ever encountered, even though I wasn’t able to play due to not being able to pay for it myself (I was a young teenager!) and having paranoid parents who didn’t trust the internet at the time. So I settled for watching people playing, marvelling over how the characters really breathed and the cat girls that pranced around the beautiful environments. I listened to friends talk about what jobs they’d level and what they needed for their subjobs, what skills they wanted to level up.

I’m fully aware the game is vastly different to what it was before. I realise I probably won’t enjoy it the same way I did. But that doesn’t stop me from looking back on it fondly and remembering those great times that I spent with friends or all those wonderful people I met. And maybe one day I’ll give it a shot again!

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Why I heal

Most people have a really profound reason behind their choice of role in an MMO — or, indeed, in any game — especially when it comes to healing or tanking. I am often a healer in MMOs, and fellow healers always seem to have had this in their history, something that’s just always been the case. Their go-to class, perhaps. But for me? It’s not really how it works.

My first ever class in an RPG-esque game was a Paladin in Neverwinter Nights. I played her with a greatsword and a focus on smacking things in the face, which means later I decided Fighter made more sense. In fact, T and I played NWN together a lot, and we always had our two iconic Fighters in fullplate with greatswords, and a huge roleplaying backstory behind them. It wasn’t until I played Final Fantasy XI that I began healing, and even then it wasn’t entirely by choice. I wanted to play a Dark Knight. I wanted to play melee DPS. All of my friends also, sadly, wanted to play melee DPS (even specifically picking Dark Knight) and that messed with our static party, so I decided to take the hit and play something different. I tried tanking and it didn’t feel the same, so I went with healing instead.

Ever since then, I’ve dabbled in DPS classes every time I start out in an MMO, only to end up ultimately switching to a healer for the “good of the party”. My current MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, is no different. I started out as an Archer with intentions of playing a Bard and going support-DPS, especially because I’d always admired my friend’s Bard in FFXI and while they’re pretty different, I thought it’d be fun. It was! And I even tried to play Arcanist into Summoner, but we had so many DPS players in my first Free Company that it made sense to switch. Since I wasn’t fond of the idea of tanking, I went with White Mage, and it’s kinda stuck ever since, with me switching out to DPS with my other static when I play with them.

To say I heal out of pure necessity would be a lie, however. One thing I think a lot of healers, and even tanks, have in common is that we like to feel needed, or like we’re making a really positive impact on the party. And that’s what keeps me coming back to healing. I feel important, and I feel like my role is necessary. Most of all, I feel challenged, and that’s what makes it all the more interesting.

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Blaugust Day 7: Non-Specific Game Blogging

Blaugust Day 7: Non-Specific Game Blogging, can get lonely!

Belghast over at The Aggronaut mentioned in his most recent Blaugust post that non-specific game blogging isn’t a huge thing and doesn’t have much of a community, and this is something that I identify with a lot as it’s always been a concern of mine.

I started public blogging years ago, and I focused specifically on Final Fantasy XI. I was never a particularly well-known blogger in the FFXI community but a friend of mine was, and it always inspired me to see so many people engaging with one another. That’s what motivated me to get involved with blogging more actively, and so I continued the tradition into Aion where I became a little better known. I tried a few different MMOs and blogged about them, but I realised that I am not a one-game gamer. I play a wide variety of games; MMOs, RPGs, FPS…the list could go on for a rather long time. And so I realised that I was always going to want to talk about multiple games, which is what made me want to start a general gaming blog like this.

I was always concerned that talking about so many different games would mean no one would be interested in reading on a regular basis, because people wanted to read about the games they were interested in. They didn’t want to read about my interests, or the games they had no intention of playing! Why would they want to read my little blog? Along with that, I noticed that there are tons of gamers who write about their experiences in specific games, but very few who interact on a regular basis and talk about all the games they play. I was worried that I wouldn’t find a “home” in a community because I wasn’t focused.

Blaugust has shown me that there’s a lot of people out there who play games the way I do, and even more importantly, who talk about games in the same way I do. And that’s really encouraging! I hope that I’ll be able to talk to these people more often, and we can form our own community. Maybe I can even reform #GamerGathering, the Twitter chat I tried to get started but that ultimately fell on its face a bit as we only had a few people interested in the chat!

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Blaugust Day 6: The Joys of Streaming

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It’s Day 6 of Blaugust and I’m still on a high from my streaming tonight so I wanted to talk about the joys of streaming today. It’s a short one, but I hope you won’t mind!

Streaming has become pretty popular recently, with news buzzing about big name streamers and how they’ve “made it” and lots of people trying to get started with their own video game stream. In the middle of all of this, I’ve been streaming quietly in the corner, playing horror games on Saturdays and random games throughout the week. And you know what? It’s fun!

I’ve mentioned before in my Why I Stream post that I have always used streaming as a sort of surrogate friendship. It’s not that I don’t have friends, it’s that most of my gaming buddies are in different timezones, and until very recently I didn’t have people to hang out with while I played games. I craved that, especially after my good times in gaming centres and watching friends enjoy themselves talking about their favourite game with guildies.

Streaming was a gateway to this for me. I’ve just shut down my stream after around two-and-a-half hours of playing Final Fantasy XIV. Do I get a ton of viewers? Not yet, maybe one day. But the people who come to hang out with me are invaluable — they’re friends, people whom I love speaking with and whose company I enjoy. I look forward to streaming because I get to spend time with my buddies, and that’s something I haven’t been able to do in a long time.

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Blaugust Day 5: Games as experiences

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I heard of a little thing called Blaugust, and I just had to participate considering so many great gaming bloggers seem to be taking part, and I’ve been able to discover a few new blogs through just reading up on it today! But, since it’s already Day 5 and I’ve missed a few days, I will be catching up with a few different topics today, to make up for my laziness over the weekend. My chosen topic is “Games as experiences”, which is something I feel very strongly about. Let’s get started, shall we?

My earliest gaming experience

Blaugust Day 5: My earliest gaming experience in Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis.

I very barely remember my dad bringing home my Nintendo, but something I do remember is the feeling of excitement. I still get that same feeling every time I think back to my NES. My first video game was Duck Hunt, with the light-gun and everything! I was only about five, and I played every single day. I also played a lot of Super Mario and Top Gun. But, while that was my first foray into the gaming world, my earliest gaming experience (which is different!) is sitting on my bed, room still in darkness as it was the middle of winter and the sun hadn’t come up yet, early one morning before school. I couldn’t have been older than seven or eight. I was playing Sonic The Hedgehog.

I had the weirdest separation anxiety as a child, and I hated going to school more than almost anything. Playing Sonic every morning for half an hour before school (read: before my mother caught me and told me to hurry up and get dressed) made me feel better. It made me feel like, no matter what, these characters I’d become attached to would be there waiting for me when I got home. And somehow, that made everything okay.

The first time a game made me really “feel”

Blaugust Day 5: The first game to make me feel was probably Mass Effect 3.

I’m a very emotional person. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite sensitive, quick to tear up, and I become very emotionally invested in fandom. Not quite to the extent that some people do, but I was very attached to my shows and the characters within, and have always enjoyed crying at a sad or happy part in a movie or show. Games generally didn’t affect me in this way, until quite recently.

I’d read about BioWare wanting to make games like Mass Effect make people really “feel” something. I was barely impacted by this initially, even up until the end of the second game, but for some reason Mass Effect 3 ruined me emotionally! Without spoiling anything specifically for those of you who haven’t played, one character was at risk and I managed to save him. Even though I saved him, seeing him running towards the ship, safe and alive, made me burst into ugly tears. I proceeded to cry about four times in the next hour during that game. It may have had its problems, and its ending may have needed some work, but the story was told well and the attachment I’d built to the characters over the trilogy really made some of the things that happened just plain hurt.

I also still remember bawling my eyes out at a recent game, Gone Home. The game took me completely by surprise, and I remember being a total mess when I completed it one rainy Sunday afternoon. Check out my full review of Gone Home, but be warned there are spoilers aplenty!

My favourite offline gaming memory

By “offline” here I mean in-person, off the computer. I’d say most of us have some experiences of the gaming world offline in this sense, and for me this came in the form of a LAN gaming centre. The centre I used to attend as a teenager and later worked in, GAME THE WORLD, had so many different memories and experiences that it’s hard to pick just one. It is, by itself, one of my favourite memories. I met so many people there, including my fiancé, and it had a massive impact on my social life as a teenager. Instead of underage drinking and experimenting with drugs on the beach with people I went to school with, I was hanging out with gamers at a gaming centre, playing games and having fun.

My favourite offline gaming memory, if I had to choose one, was our Halloween party at one of the centres. This was now coming up on seven or eight years ago now, which is shocking! But we all came, dressed in silly outfits, and played games all night together. We played both online and offline games and pranked people who had fallen asleep. I remember stumbling back into my fiancé’s house at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning, mind still buzzing with memories of the dude who dressed as a school girl, make-up and all, and the teddybear who’d had a mob boss hold a toy gun to his head at 4:00am, and falling asleep in a heap on the floor. I still miss those gaming centres, and the people I met there.

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