Why I Started a Bullet Journal

Why I Started a Bullet Journal | Psyche Plays

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I’ve started a bullet journal. Since as long as I can remember, I’ve kept a diary or journal of some sort. It started with notebooks when I was a child, with scribbles and Dear Diarys and fluffy, brightly coloured covers. Then, the more sober notebooks with details of my obviously very interesting love life. And eventually, I started writing an online journal on LiveJournal (with a few experiments on other journaling sites first).

All of these journals ultimately ended up facing the same fate. The same fate, in fact, I’m struggling to stop this very blog from facing. I would just…stop writing in them. I get distracted easily, and often my mind wanders and things fall by the wayside without me intending for it to happen. It’s because of this wandering mind that I am interested in bullet journaling.

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