psycheplays_about-me_2015My name is Kirsty, though I’m better known by my online gaming alias of Psyche. I’m a games industry veteran (wow, that sounds weird!) and gaming is my lifestyle. My skills include the ability to eat and sleep at any time in any place (except on planes), using grenade launchers in pretty much every FPS ever, and typing the alphabet in 2.5 seconds. No, really.

I live in Northern Ireland with my fiancé, who you might see mentioned as T. He’s my gaming buddy and my partner in crime. 💜 He’s also a professional hacker (read: he works in cyber security) while simultaneously developing his own game engine, and I am so proud of everything he has accomplished.

I worked in the games industry for almost 10 years, starting out at GOA Games Services Ltd as a community representative for Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, later moving on to a browser game company where I was a community manager, and then finally settling in Riot Games for five years where I worked in various roles including content writer and development manager working on League of Legends. I am currently taking a career break, and am working on my first novel while also streaming games in my spare time.

I’m a person of many-coloured hair, having been everywhere from my natural blonde to jet black, to neon orange and various shades of purple. I’ve recently changed from a vibrant violet to a very boring dark brown. My voice is as loud as my hair colour usually is, and I’m often told to use my inside voice, but I don’t really know what that is.

When I’m not knee-deep in any number of RPGs, MMOs or FPS games, you can find me watching anime or sci-fi TV shows, or maybe with my nose in a good book…on my Kindle. I fall on the side of technology, but I still think nothing beats the feel of a book in your hands, or the smell of its pages.

This blog was originally Chix0r; then Peace, Love, Gaming; and now it’s Psyche Plays. It’s my own personal corner of the web for me to gush about games and geeky things, share my writing, and meet like-minded people. I write about anything that strikes my fancy at the time. I’m not here to get followers or collect readers, I’m simply here to share, and hope that you’ll share back.

I love reading fellow geeky or gaming blogs, but also lifestyle blogs, especially when I feel that I can make a connection with the writer. So please, do reach out to me. Chances are I’d love to meet you!