Life, the Universe & Everything | Personal Post

It has been a shameful amount of time since I’ve updated here.  In fact, 2016 has ended and we’ve moved quite far into 2017. I thought it would be a good time to come back and talk about what’s been going on in my life. But before that, I’m so sorry to have neglected you for so long!

So much has changed. I will update you on all of that, but also, I will be making some slight changes to Psyche Plays.

General geeky update

First of all, I’ve been a freelance writer since sometime last year. I write game reviews, news, and opinion pieces for It’s been really exciting! I’ve always wanted to write for a living, and while my goal is to publish a book (obviously quite different to writing about games) so being given the opportunity to do that has been wonderful. On top of that, I’ve been continuing work on my personal writing. If I’m honest, I’ve not been as productive as I’d like to with that, but I’m trying to get on top of it.

Another thing I’ve been working on is streaming. Since May last year, I’ve increased my streaming schedule on my Twitch channel to five times a week, around four to five hours per day. I’ve seen so much growth on my channel, and while that’s not the primary reason I stream, it’s been really encouraging. I’ve met so many new and amazing people, made it onto the Affiliate program, and joined two incredible teams (the Stream Team and Team Kitty). I’m really excited to see what the future holds.

T has been working hard too! He started a job last year as a “professional hacker” (read: cyber security engineer) and he’s learned a lot. I’m really proud of him. It’s been weird being the one working from home all day, and I’m still trying to find the right balance for productivity, but I’m grateful for having the opportunity to do so.

The future of

Now, on to the blog! I’m going to make more of an effort to look after it and give it the tender loving care it deserves. This means that I’ll be doing the following in the coming weeks:

  • Revamping all of my categories and tags (they’re an absolute mess right now! Don’t even look at them!)
  • Cleaning up old posts, particularly those with broken links or photos/screenshots.
  • Setting up a blog schedule again, and actually sticking to it!

On top of that, I’ve had a few people from my stream community request that I start vlogging and sharing more about my every day life. As I’m trying to avoid spending too much money lately, I will start off with seated vlogs at my PC, and additional outdoorsy vlogs with my phone. I have a OnePlus 3T which I love (and highly recommend!) and its video quality is honestly pretty sweet. 1080p at 60FPS without having to buy an additional camera? I will take it. It can even record up to 4k, but I don’t imagine that’ll be necessary!

For vlogging, I’ll be trying to record my daily routine, adventures in my local area, and other fun things. I won’t be doing it daily, as I don’t think I have an interesting enough life for that. But I would love to commit to weekly vlogs! It’ll all be uploaded on my existing YouTube channel, which also needs a bit of a clean-up if I’m honest.

Personal life updates

Moving up to Northern Ireland and being closer to my family has been delightful. I enjoy my independence, and T and I are somewhat hermit-y. But having family so close has been lovely. I now get to eat brunch with my mum around once a week, or at least make time for coffee. And I often go round to my family’s house for dinner, whereas before I was seeing them every other month or so.

We’ve had more of a social life in the last year than we did the entire time we lived in Dublin! We’ve hung out with old friends, which has involved playing games together and even actually venturing out to hang out in person! I know, who even am I?! T and I have had a more active life, going out for walks together and exploring. We’ve found local gems to go out for lunches or dinners together, and had more “date nights”. All in all, we’re both a lot happier up here.

I loved my time in Dublin. I’m glad we moved there, and I’m glad I took a chance on my career. But I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to stop and just breathe. I’m taking this time to do things I love and I’m trying to make something of them. I’m really, genuinely happy with the way my life has changed in the last year.

  • Suddenly a wild blog post appears.
    It’s easy to overlook how things have changed and your achievements, but when you write them down and stand back it’s awesome to see everything in its entirety.

    I just wanted to say good luck, we’re all counti… (Airplane! jokes FTW) I mean good luck with the blog and vlogs.

    • I’m the worst, I have been meaning to post for so long! It was nice to write things down. I should probably do it more often!

      Thank you. <3

      • I need to get back into the habit of blogging. Sadly It tends to be the first thing I drop when things get busy, which this year has been most of the time o/