My Dream Loot Crate — The Nostalgia Crate


Recently I learned about a project Loot Crate is running called “Dream Crate”, where people can create their own dream Loot Crate, no matter how wild and imaginative, and have a chance to have their dream become a reality for a future crate release. I was of course really excited about this, as I have been a monthly subscriber to Loot Crate in the past and will be again now that we’ve moved to somewhere with more reliable postage!

For anyone who isn’t familiar, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service that provides nerds and gamers with a selection of goodies delivered straight to their door. Each box has a theme and is filled with figurines, clothing and accessories that fit the chosen topic.

I thought about this a lot, as there are a ton of things I’m super passionate about, and I finally came up with the one crate I would love to see released one day: The Nostalgia Crate. When I shared the idea with my fiancé he said I should rename it the “Rad 90s Crate”!

My Loot Crate Dream Crate

#1: NES Zapper | #2: Tamagotchi (Original) | #3: Pokéballs | #4: Retro Coin | #5: “A Pixel of my Childhood” t-shirt from TeeFury | #6: “Gamer Girl Noveau” by medusa_dollmaker

What’s in my Dream Crate

First up is the NES Zapper, which most people refer to as the lightgun. This featured so heavily in my childhood: I used to sit in front of the TV for hours shooting ducks in Duck Hunt and the gun will always have a very special place in my heart! While they’re not used very often any more, I think it’d be awesome to get a smaller model in my imaginary Nostalgia Crate. Even better if when you shoot it at a wall it has a little lit-up projectile where it meets the surface! Hours of entertainment.

Then I’d love to see the age old classic: the Tamagotchi. These were toys that I absolutely loved in the 90s, and when they had a resurgence in the early 00s I picked one up then too. There could be themed Tamagotchis as well, with each crate receiving one of a selection. Perhaps a classic game characters Tamagotchi? Or a modern game/geek culture characters Tamagotchi in the old classic model. Oh my gosh, make it happen!

Now, it wouldn’t be a Nostalgia Crate if it didn’t have some reference to Pokémon in there, especially with all of the Pokémon Go craze lately! So I’d love to see a selection of Pokéballs, just models that could be stored on any respectable nerd shelf.

Since almost every LootCrate has included a coin of some description, the Nostalgia Crate seems like the perfect opportunity for Retro Gaming Themed Coins with everyone’s favourite arcade characters on them: Pacman, Mario, Bomberman, Bub and Bob, etc. The coins would represent the old days of arcade gaming, when popping in that quarter (or in my case, that 20p!) was another “go” on the game of your choice!

I’d also love to have a t-shirt to show off my rad self, so something like the A Pixel of My Childhood t-shirt with pixelated versions of the old games consoles and controllers would be the perfect way to do this! The Gameboy in particular is making me incredibly nostalgic right now — days of playing Kirby and Pokémon Red are filling my memory right now! Those were the days.

Finally, I absolutely love the style of the Gamer Nouveau piece by medusa_dollmaker on Deviantart, also seen on Teefury as leggings and various other websites as other kinds of apparel. I think a nerdy Art Nouveau Poster featuring either gamers (like shown in the example piece) or retro game characters or TV show characters would be an amazing addition to the crate, and more importantly to my wall!

And that’s it!

I didn’t go super overboard with my Dream Crate. As much as I would love things like retro gaming handhelds (my Sega Mega Drive/Genesis handheld was an amazing addition to my collection!) or various expensive toys and gadgets from my childhood, the things I’ve listed above are all items I would absolutely love to have and would struggle to find elsewhere. It’s hard to find a Tamagotchi these days. Even more so if you want one done in the classic style but with other characters on it! Same goes for things like the NES Zapper or the cute coins. These are things that would mean a lot to me and that I would love to add to my collection on my nerd shelf.

What would be in your Dream Crate if you could design one?

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with LootCrate, however it was not a paid post and all thoughts, opinions and content in the post are my own! 😊 None of the links in this post are affiliate links.