Major life changes


Friends, we need to talk. There’s been a lot going on lately, and while I’d normally cover that in a Life, the Universe and Everything update, I’m about to embark on a whole new adventure and go through some major life changes, so I thought it deserved its own post.

A few months ago, T and I made the decision to move back to Northern Ireland, where I’m originally from and where he and I met. I’ve been living in Dublin for almost eight years, working for various games development or publishing companies, and while I’ve absolutely loved my time here, sadly this move also means saying goodbye to Riot Games, the company I’ve worked at for the last five years. I handed in my notice a few weeks ago, and my last day will be Friday 27th May.

This is a huge decision for both of us, and there is a variety of reasons why we made this choice. The biggest one is that we both want to buy our first house together, and neither of us want that to be in Dublin. I’m not a city girl, and I’ve always known that ultimately I wouldn’t be living here for the rest of my life, but due to a change of circumstances and a lot of diligent saving, we’re in a position now where we can really think about purchasing a house together.

I feel ready.

We thought about trying to start the process while still living and working here in Dublin, but honestly there’s so much that goes into the house hunt and the purchasing process that it would feel much easier and more fun to be able to do it from the place we’re planning on buying. For the next year we will be renting back up north, searching for a place to call our own.

While T will be working, I will be taking a break to focus on some personal projects (like my writing!) and my health and wellbeing. Of course, this also frees up a lot more time for me to do things I love, like streaming! So my streaming schedule will be changing once we’ve got settled in, with a lot more daytime streams as well as evenings.

As I said earlier, I’m really devastated to be leaving Riot. The company has been my home for five years; I’ve met so many wonderful people, made amazing friends, and got to do something I love for players who are as passionate as I am about gaming and that means so much to me. But I also think it’s important that I have made this decision on a positive note, and not a negative one. This feels like the right time for me to leave.

Ever since I made the decision and started the process, I’ve felt relieved and so happy. My stress levels have already reduced significantly, and while I’m sad to be moving on, I am also so excited for this next chapter of our lives to begin. We have secured an absolutely beautiful apartment (for significantly less rent than we’ve been paying in Dublin!) and I’m looking forward to the new experiences lying ahead.

  • Fernand

    Best of luck!!

  • Okay I haven’t been around Twitter much recently and missed all of this. So happy for you! *many hugs* And welcome back to the UK. 😮

    I also miss talking to you!! Where are you hanging these days? 😀

  • Andrew Farrell

    Good luck! When I faced the prospect of buying a house in Dublin a decade ago, I, er, moved to London? I may have lost my notes on why that seemed a good idea.

  • You’re a legend Psyche, you will always be the epitome of Riot’s values to me. Best of luck in Northern Ireland with T!

    • Hey George! Didn’t see this when you posted it because of the move, but I suppose better late than never haha. Thank you so much for your kind words, you have no idea how much this means to me. 🙂 I hope everything is still awesome in Dublin, keep rockin’! <3