Stream Update (11/04)


As many of you know, I’ve been streaming on for a while now. I opened my account in 2013, but I only started seriously streaming last year (as proven by the fact that I streamed maybe twice in 2013, and only a handful of times in 2014). Most importantly, about a year ago I started streaming on a schedule, and I’ve been experimenting up until quite recently when I settled into my groove.

So I wanted to give a little update on how streaming was going! If this isn’t something that interests you, please feel free to skip over! ☺️

I started streaming because I wanted to talk to people while I played games. I used to spend a lot of my teenage years gaming in a LAN centre (think PC café, specifically for gaming) and later working there, and that meant I was often surrounded by people who shared my passion for games. I lost that a little bit when T and I moved to Dublin, and I’ve wanted it back ever since. I never thought streaming would take off or become…anything more than just a few random people popping by every now and then to say hi.

Ever since I started getting involved in more gaming communities, like the Elite: Dangerous community in particular, I have made so many more friends and connections. I watched as more and more people would join my chat and just talk to me, and I honestly cannot tell you how astounding this is to me. That anyone would want to come and watch me play games, talk to me, just spend time with me, is so amazing to me.

I now have a core group of regulars — and I refuse to call them viewers because they’re so much more than that, they’re all my friends and I think the distinction is very important — whom I met through streaming or through any other number of online community, and they come by every single stream. We all hang out together on our Discord server and talk while I’m at work or doing something outside of the stream. I feel like I have that core group of gaming buddies again. Even better than that, I’ve had several people that I haven’t spoken to in literally 10 years come by the stream and then stay in touch through that.

On top of that, I’ve watched my stream grow slowly. The numbers have never been why I do this so I won’t go into the stats and how they’ve changed here, but I watch the growth and I just ask myself, “Why?” But it makes me so happy to have our community grow and have new people come and join us then come back the next time I stream.

I just wanted to say to anyone who is reading this who comes by the channel or hangs out in Discord: thank you. You make me happy when I have a rough day, and you’ve given me something that I missed so much: friendship and community in the gaming sphere. This means more to me than any of you can know and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you all for being so wonderful. 💜

That said, I’ll be back with another stream on Thursday at 8:00pm BST! If you don’t already know, my channel is MissPsyche on I hope to see you all there. 😜

  • Outllaw

    Irish you’re awesome! One of my favorite streamers to watch and intact with by far. You really do have a fun show! Keep up the amazing work… also boop 🙂