I’m an Alt-a-Holic (Blaugust #25)


As you can see, my Guild Wars 2 characters reveal my altitis. Though ooh, I do have one more character slot!
I admit it. When it comes to MMOs, and even sometimes RPGs, I’m definitely an alt-a-holic. I have altitis. Whatever you want to call it, I make too many goddamn alts!

Why do I do it? First of all, in traditional MMOs — in this regard FFXIV does not count as traditional — playing all the classes meant creating a new character for each one. Frequently I would have at least two characters going at any one time, and as I rarely made it to level cap in past MMOs that didn’t matter all that much. I have a tendency to be indecisive about what class I actually want to play, so this often manifests itself in me creating a new character every now and again. Worse still, I frequently want to look at a pretty new character without having to spend real money because I’m cheap. There, I said it. I’m cheap.


I already have several alts in FFXIV, including this one I play with T occasionally.
Now I’m getting the itch in FFXIV as well. I love my character, and I love that as an MMO FFXIV is somewhat revolutionary (not counting the fact that FFXI did the same thing before it) as it allows you to play all jobs on one character, as long as you meet the prerequisites. You even get a small discount on your monthly subscription fee if you only play one character instead of having alts. But no, I know myself too well, I went for the normal sub so I could have multiple characters even if I never ended up playing them.

And now I want one! I want a new character, I want to experience the story again and not skip any cutscenes. I want to have a different race since I feel like some races are better suited to certain jobs than others. The only thing stopping me right now is a system I do think is rather stupid — Square Enix has locked character creation on highly populated servers during peak hours. How this really helps server congestion I’m not sure. Maybe encouraging players to play on other servers instead? But ultimately, I want to create my character on my “home” server, and I don’t really want to stray from that.

Do you often create alts? What makes you want to play multiple characters?

  • I create alts when the game forces me to experience other classes, like in GW2 where I have a character for each of the 5 races. While I do have alts in XIV, it’s more to visit friends on other servers but I just lack the resolve to power through the whole story all over again.

    • I really want to experience the story again as I’m a heathen cutscene-skipper in FFXIV, and rather than just watching them in my inn I thought it’d be nice to experience them in context again.

  • I only create alts if I am not having a ton of fun playing my first choice. That’s why I typically don’t start RPGs immediately, but instead make a ton of characters hoping one will stick.

    • I can understand that. I don’t know why, I just really enjoy making alts. It’s super weird!