Currently Playing (Blaugust #20)


I read Jewel’s post on being a Crazy Game Lady this morning, and it kinda struck home for me. Up until very recently, I never had a gaming “home”. While I had a few games I played consistently, when it came to things like MMOs, I would hop from one to the next. I never reached level cap in any of the MMOs I played for a long time.

I have played almost every major MMO release since my early teenage years, and stuck to none of them. I’ve dabbled in WoW, dipped my toe in Final Fantasy XI (that one stuck a little more than most!), played Aion for a while and eventually pushed to the max level in RIFT before dropping it like a hot potato because its end-game didn’t appeal to me and my time schedule.


I’ve become slightly more monogamous as a gamer lately, with Final Fantasy XIV stealing my heart when A Realm Reborn beta started and I haven’t looked back since. However, with that said, I do still play a lot of games and I don’t think that will ever change.

So what am I currently playing?


As I mentioned my MMO of choice is Final Fantasy XIV and it has become my MMO home. I am eternally grateful to have it now, since I have always wanted to have what my MMO friends had — a game they returned to time and time again, that they played with friends, and that they loved. Now I have that, and I’m even participating in (casual) end-game content with a group of people I met through the game!


I’m also playing Elite Dangerous, and streaming it from time to time. Mostly we’re focusing on bounty hunting and trying out power play including fighting in conflict zones, but I’m looking forward to getting back to exploration and seeing more of our galaxy in arguably the only way I will ever be able to, since I doubt I’ll be travelling space any time soon!

Outside of those two games, I’m also jumping into Battlefield 4 and Diablo III from time to time. My obsession with Skyrim has also been revitalised again, as it always is every now and then (especially coming up on its 4th birthday in November!) And finally, in the last two weeks, I’ve been occasionally battling it out in Battle Royale matches in H1Z1, despite being absolutely woeful at it.

I completely respect people who play one game and stick with it at all times. I know plenty of friends who play nothing but their chosen MMO and because of that they make tons more progress than I ever could. However, I’m aware now that I am not that person. I cannot be that gamer who commits themselves to only one game; after an hour or two in a game I usually fancy a change of pace or scenery, and want to play something else.

So these are the games I’m currently playing. And ultimately, I think the most important thing is that we are playing. Gamers are gamers, regardless of how many or how few games they play.