My Favourite Horror Game (Blaugust #15)


In honour of Scaredy-Cat Saturday, something I started a long time ago on my stream, and the fact that I’m currently enjoying watching Julia play Kholat, I want to talk about horror games and my intense love for them.

It is no secret that I am a wuss. As I told you in my last post, I’m scared of the dark. My fiancé, T always manages to freak me out by telling me scary little stories because he thinks it’s hilarious. My imagination runs wild, and I get so utterly freaked out. And yet for some reason I absolutely love playing horror games!

I enjoy the adrenaline rush of playing a horror game and scaring myself. I don’t even mind when T climbs under the desk while I’m playing, with all the lights off, to grab my leg and scare me even more, even if I simultaneously hate him for it. I like that I can stream these games and hang out with people so I don’t feel so alone and terrified!


I definitely have one favourite horror game though, and it’s one game that I genuinely feel was incredibly well made. That game is Outlast, by Red Barrels Games.

Outlast is atmospherically amazing. The music and sounds are perfect for setting the scene and preparing you to be truly horrified. One thing that really got me about it was that the developers were very good at luring you into a false sense of security: you’d think something was going to happen around the next corner, but nothing would. Then the next corner or dark spot would come, and still nothing. And just when you finally let your body relax, one of the asylum residents would hop around the corner and attack you and suddenly you were a tense mess all over again.

While I enjoyed Amnesia: Dark Descent, I feel like Outlast mastered the art of not only the jump scare, but the long con. I totally recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror games or likes scaring themselves!