5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me (Blaugust #14)


One of the prompts submitted by Jaedia during the run-up to the beginning of Blaugust was:

Tell us five things that we (probably) don’t know about you, or as an alternative, you could do “five things you probably don’t know about me (because they aren’t true).” Run with it!

And so I figured, with us being two weeks into Blaugust, now is a fantastic time to share something a little personal. Here are five things I’m sure many of you don’t know about me. I went with the true facts, rather than things that aren’t true!

1. I am synaesthetic.

Ever since I was very, very young, days have always had a specific colour. I would be thrilled when it was Saturday, and I would know it was because I would think, “Hmm, today is a dark blue day.” Every time. I thought everyone thought that way. In fact, I didn’t even really think about it, it just was the way I thought of things. Months also have colours, and the numbers up to 20 do too, as well as numbers above it which will usually be the colour of whichever their first number is (ie the 20s are green like the number 2). This is how I remember when things happen. I also respond really well to things that are colour-coded, I suspect for this very reason.

2. I type really, really fast.

I say really fast, but I know there are plenty of people out there who can type significantly faster than I am. With a QWERTY keyboard, I usually type anywhere from 115 – 120 WPM on a mechanical keyboard,  but I could type faster on a non-mechanical one. My real party trick, however, is typing the alphabet in less than 3 seconds. There is no practical use for this skill but I like to tell people and challenge them to contests. Pity T cheated and used a macro to type it the alphabet in less than 0.5.

3. I used to play the trumpet.

When I was in primary school, I played the trumpet in the orchestra. For some reason, I was naturally musical as a child, but it didn’t really last after I moved into secondary school. That may have something to do with the fact that I dropped music due to the time commitment.

4. I have worked for three different games companies, which I joined practically straight out of school.

I left school at 18, dabbled in a journalism course that I didn’t finish, and immediately applied for a Customer Support job in a games company in Dublin, called GOA. Europeans might remember it as the company that published Warhammer: Age of Reckoning here in EU. I loved my job, even though I had to do nightshifts half of the time. After a year, the company started downsizing and I moved onto another company who published a variety of anime-esque games, and I stayed there in a community role for two years. And now I’m working in project management for a different company, having dipped my toes in a few different roles there. I have been where I am for four years now.

5. I am completely, utterly, totally terrified of the dark.

I’m a big scaredy-cat anyway, but I have had a phobia of the dark ever since I was a young’un. I cannot stand being alone in the dark, my imagination runs wild. It’s not just what might be out there though, it’s also just the dark itself. It’s almost like what I imagine claustrophobia to feel like, but it’s triggered by darkness instead of enclosed spaces. I am also horrifically scared of moths, and probably the weirdest phobia I have is called “trypophobia” which is basically a fear of — wait for it — holes. Or more specifically, patterns of holes, and in my case specifically on organic material. This last one was triggered initially by me seeing a documentary that showed a frog that carried her babies in her back in little pouches, and they would come out of holes in her back as they grew. I was so disgusted, that ever since then weird patterns like that freak me out. It’s so bad that even Googling the term “trypophobia” to confirm I spelled it correctly rendered me a shivering mess over the example images on the front page. Ugh.


And there you have it! Some of these I’ve talked about before, but I’m pretty sure you don’t know all five!

  • So, how do you feel about darkness in MMOs?

    • I actually don’t mind the dark in MMOs, though in scary games it can be a contributor to how terrified I am!

  • Phobias are awful. Only marginally less awful is people saying “Oh come on, I’m sure if you just experienced/stared at [that thing that makes you shiver and want to puke] you’d be juuuuust fine!”

    At which point I ask them if they’d like a nice cup of Shut the Fuck Up.

    I don’t have many terrors but heights is one of them, made worse by a RL inner-ear/vertigo issue. NO, going to the top of a tall building or mountain will NOT help.

    /end_rant 😉