The Game That Means the Most to Me (Blaugust #13)


As many of you know (mostly because I’ve told you before), I’ve been playing games pretty much as long as I can remember. It started with Duck HuntSuper Mario Bros and Top Gun on the NES, and has been a love affair ever since.

But there is one game that means a whole lot to me, and will always have a very special place in my heart. It’s a game that I can go back and play even now, when retro games don’t always have the same appeal as they’re often clunky or have even been remade.

That meaningful game is Neverwinter Nights. It started me on my intense love for roleplaying games, spurred on a desire to play D&D, and most importantly is how my fiancé and I became close friends and eventually formed a big part of our relationship. Unlike many gaming couples, we didn’t meet through the game, but we did play it together with a few friends back when we had just met, and it was what made us spend a lot of time together and eventually revealed to us that we actually felt a lot closer than “just friends”.

I was so excited to play that every day I’d scurry home from school as fast as I could and hop on my PC to get into the game. We’d play together with one friend that T introduced me to, and then eventually we made friends through the various community-run servers we frequented. We had characters with deep back stories, intense rivalries with other players’ characters, and allies in server-wide conflicts.

Part of me is feeling particularly nostalgic about Neverwinter Nights today because I’m sick. I still remember when I received the game in the mail; all of my friends were out without me because I had a really bad cold, so I pulled out NWN and gave it a go. I was so entrenched that I could barely notice how sick I felt. Now I have the urge to pick it up again!

What game means the most to you?

Speaking of being sick, yesterday’s Blaugust post will be backdated as I was too sick and tired to do it!