Gaming To-Do List (Blaugust #11)


Following in the footsteps of Jaeda at Dragons & Whimsy, Ysharros at Stylish Corpse and a few other video game bloggers, I thought it was about time I started my own gaming to-do list. I’m somewhat using the rules laid out by Izlain in his post The Gamer To-Do List. You can read his suggested guidelines over on his blog!

First of all, why would I do this? Like a few of my fellow gamers, I have a Stack of Shame (on Steam and elsewhere) the size of a skyscraper at this point and it’s ever growing, and I have a few too many unfinished games piling up on the backburner, not to mention games I own but have never even installed.

Instead of feeling excited that I have so many options, I feel, well…stressed. I know that’s absolutely ridiculous, but I get so overwhelmed with a long list of games that instead of just picking one and playing it, I stare at my list and end up doing something else instead. Or, in some cases, doing nothing.

So for me, organisation can sometimes help! When I’m on my time off, I often even write myself a list of games I want to play so that I don’t get distracted or waylaid. With that in mind, here are some things I want to achieve in my video games of choice so that I can feel accomplished and make some progress on my gaming to-do list!


  1. Final Fantasy XIV: Reach level 50 on my Dark Knight and level 60 on my White Mage. Acquire my Esoteric weapon for Bard. At least attempt Alexander Savage. Clear Bismarck and Ravana EX.
  2. Elite: Dangerous: Raise enough money to purchase a Diamondback Explorer and kit it out for exploration, then plan out my first exploration trip. Join a power and start working towards their weapon reward (I want drunk missiles!)
  3. Diablo III: Grind out some more Paragon levels (no specific number) before Season 3 ends at the end of August. Select a two-man combo for Season 4.
  4. ARK: Survival Evolved: Level up (no specific level) and expand my base. Tame a T-Rex and maybe some of the other larger dinos. Explore the island.
  5. Games to be completed: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil, Outlast (Insane difficulty).

I think this is a good place to start. I don’t think I will complete all of those games in the next month, or even one of them potentially, but I suspect I can achieve my other goals, which is a great feeling!

What’s on your gaming to-do list?

  • Ooh tell me more about ARK. A few friends are playing but nobody’s writing much about it. Is there such a thing as servers where you’re not getting your ass handed to you every 5 seconds?

    Also, no fair lumping all the “finish games” in one item. 😀

    • You can definitely play locally, or you can create a local server (a bit more complicated) and play with one or two friends instead. Alternatively, there are tons of PvE servers out there so you don’t have to fight other players! I play on PvE at the moment, and honestly it’s just my fiancé and I on our own private server!

      I didn’t want to create a new list item for each individual game purely for the look of the list haha. I’m still counting them as individuals in my head!

  • Nice List. I see a bunch of that being doable!

    @izysharrosparsley:disqus I know you can make your own private server, and I believe there’s a PvE option on some servers as well. I have heard stories of people playing on PvP servers and having a good experience though, with most folks being helpful. I need to play more of it I just kind of want it to be closer to release before I really dive in.

    • wow… that @ didn’t work out so well… I was directing the latter part at Ysharros.

    • Thanks! I think I can achieve a few of my goals for FFXIV, Elite: Dangerous and ARK. I might also be able to finish Resident Evil, all by the end of the month. It feels good to have a challenge!

  • OH let me know if you ever stream outlast 😀 I am too afraid to play that on my own :3 Good luck on the rest!