Venturing Into PvP (Blaugust #10)


I am not a big PvP player. I have PvP’d before, and enjoyed it, in games like EVE Online and a few fantasy MMOs were PvP is restricted to a scenario or instance and kept away from the open world, but for the most part, my focus has always been on PvE.

I initially started dabbling in FFXIV PvP a week or two ago for one reason, and one reason only: to get my paws on the gorgeous armour sets and use them for glamours. I am not ashamed to admit that, glamour is a fantastic feature and one I use a great deal. My White Mage above is sporting the lovely Swansgrace Coat and Direwolf Thighboots of Healing, and I know already that I want to pick up the Swansgrace weapon and some of the Unicorn set for my Bard.

But a strange thing has happened in my grind for Wolf Marks, the currency used to pick up these items. I have started to enjoy PvP.

I know! Me! I have found myself defaulting to doing PvP to get tomestones for normal gear, and spending a lot of my time in-game running the PvP roulette (which basically means doing Seal Rock over and over) and really enjoying it. For those who don’t play or who haven’t tried Seal Rock or FFXIV PvP at all, it’s like a capture-and-hold type game mode where points called nodes will activate around the map and Grand Companies will battle it out to capture these nodes, earning points for their team up to a maximum of 800. I was really intimidated the first time I tried it but I had so much fun that I’ve been going back ever since.

Now it’s less about the gear, and more about having fun pew-pewing enemy Grand Companies, working with my team, and just generally having a good time. I was so surprised at myself! It’s even inspired me to venture into PvP in other games too, and focus on more PvP aspects of the games I play.

Do you do PvP? What’s your favourite type of PvP you’ve experienced in games, particularly MMOs?

  • Alisha Rue

    Excellent! How is WHM PvPing at the moment? I’m both nervous and excited to dive in and try once I’m 60. 🙂

    • I haven’t PvP’d on my WHM yet actually, just got the gear for her! I’m running it on my BRD. From what I understand, healers in PvP are very much appreciated though. Just try to stay near the back or middle of the group and keep people up, you’ll be loved forever!

  • I was thinking about writing about Seal Rock PvP today too! I’ve been putting more time into and enjoying for the most part despite my trepidation about diving in with complete strangers. My FC is affiliated with a different grand company and I refuse to change allegiances – “Til sea swallows all!” Funny how membership in one city-state has been ingrained into my FFXIV persona.

  • I haven’t tried FFXIV PvP at all. How does it compare to World of Warcraft’s Battlegrounds?