Returning to Elite: Dangerous (Blaugust #4)

psycheplays_blaugust15-day4_elite-dangerous-bounty-huntingI have neglected my time in Elite: Dangerous lately, I am loathe to admit. I got a little frustrated with Voice Attack as it has issues with my weird accent, and I was taking that out on the game (shame on me, I know.)

But the game is truly beautiful, especially for a space geek such as myself with aspirations to be a space cowboy and/or pirate. Yes, I may have seen one too many sci-fi movies and TV shows or read one too many trashy space opera novels, but what can I say? Elite: Dangerous has allowed me to, at least in some way, indulge in my fantasy of exploring the skies and beyond.

Bounty hunting gets my heart racing and the blood pumping through my veins in a way that few games have had me feel in recent years. I end up whooping at the screen when I start to blow an enemy to bits, only to follow it up a few minutes later with intense screeching while I try to haul ass away from the torrent of lasers and/or projectiles flying my way.

I also find I get very…engaged. You know when your mum or dad tried to play video games back when you were young, and they would try to throw themselves bodily around corners in racing games, or jump in real life with Mario when hopping over a gap? Yeah, I do that in this game. I find myself hurling my upper body around while gripping my joystick and throttle, hoping to escape certain death (and thankfully usually managing it, until I crash into the side of a station while getting cocky at winning a race with my fiancé, ahem…)

All in all, I’m really excited to get myself back into space. I just don’t know where to start! I’ve begun my upgrading my Viper, and trying out my new guns in some combat zones and trawling for bounties, but my heart lies in exploration. Right now, I am using my Viper to build up funds to build a decent exploration ship with all the fixings, and get myself checking out some of the beauties of our universe. You can check out some of the results of my last exploration trip (some time ago, admittedly) in my video of a visit to the Acrux system.

Because after all, that is the beauty of this game. This is our galaxy. It’s all that we know about the Milky Way, plus our best estimate as to what else is there. If we know about it, it’s in the game. And I think that’s incredibly exciting.


  • I’ve had Elite: D since early this year and I’ve given it a whole 3 hours, sadly. The spousal unit also got it… and is now back in EVE, which apparently has a much easier (re)learning curve.

    I want to like E:D, but I can’t get past those first few hours in which it’s like an aunt-knit sweater that’s both itchy and 4 sizes too small – it’s just not comfortable. If you wrote about your early experiences with the game and whether they were difficult, point me in the right direction – if not, I’d love to read a post or two about them and I suspect I’m not the only one.

    • I don’t think I ever explained my early experiences with E:D and honestly, it wasn’t easy even as someone who enjoyed Frontier First Encounters, one of the earlier Elite games.

      I’ll definitely try to incorporate that in, maybe I’ll even make it tomorrow’s post! Thanks for the suggestion. I honestly feel like its learning curve is less steep than EVE, but the first few hours are crucial. Once you overcome that, everything else is much easier, whereas I felt like EVE took a lot of learning and relearning.

      • Is it absolutely imperative to get a joystick? Hubby got himself a THRUSTMASTER!!! (can’t be said without Hollywood announcer voice and attendant snicker), so I could always borrow that. I have Voice Attack already, not that I ever got round to configuring it and using it…

        That’s basically how much of a slacker I am.

  • It looks fun. This used to be a genre of games I adored (mostly because of Freelancer). I’ve not really gone back since though.

    • It’s a fantastic game and it’s come a LONG way from previous games in the series. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys space sims! It’s very sandboxy, so a lot of the time it’s making your own fun, but they’ve announced planetary landings as their first paid expansion coming soon, which will give explorers like me a ton more options.

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