What’s In a Name? (Blaugust #3)


Since I’m making an effort to write every day, I thought it would be a good idea to share something about me I get asked often, as a way of getting to know you all a little better! I often get asked where my gaming alias, Psyche, came from and why I went with it.

First of all, I think it’s important to say that it’s Psyche; not Psych, not Psycho, not anything in between. The ‘e’ is not silent — pronounce it like “psy-kee”.

The name itself I took from the Greek legend of Eros and Psyche. I had a bit of a mythology obsession when I was much younger, and read up on ancient stories in my spare time. I was around 11 or 12 and was looking for something to identify myself online when we first got the internet, and Psyche was born. I found the story beautiful, and it just sort of stuck.


I have gone by that name ever since; in the gaming centre I used to hang out in and eventually came to work in, I was Psyche or Psy. It was my name on various online communities, and I was always devastated (and still am, these days!) when the name was already taken. That’s how I became MissPsyche on Twitch and in various games I play, which sometimes I regret, especially after branding my blog this way.

I always feel a bit antsy when the name is taken, because it’s genuinely been my name for so long that I respond to it in real life if someone calls me by it. My mum even jokingly called me it a few times, and if she came into the gaming centre I worked in she would ask for Psyche, not Kirsty. Colleagues call me it at work, as it’s what I go by in our game’s community as well.

What inspired your name? Share it with me in the comments or feel free to make a Blaugust post of your own on the topic!

  • I do love mythology. After a few characters named after Final Fantasy Tactics characters, my first true main in a MMO was Arges. He was one of the cyclops who helped create lightning bolts for Zeus, or some such. When in doubt, I typically look to different mythologies for naming help, even now!

    • Mythology is a great place to start for inspiration, even if you don’t take the name directly from there! There’s always an interesting tale to be read when reading through mythology and legends!

  • Gryph

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s kept the same name for years! It’s gotten shortened to “Gryph” in the last few years, but the full version is “darkgryphon” or “darkgryphon42.” I also came up with it while I was in middle school and online for the first time. I had been reading a book called “The Black Gryphon” and modified the title slightly. I’m still not sure why. While I enjoy the book it isn’t my favorite, but it’s stuck ever since. I will definitely answer to “Gryph” just as easily as my actual name!

    (Edit: Oh, and the “42” is the obligatory Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference.)

    • I always find it so fascinating to hear that people have just kept a name even if it was inspired by a piece of media that isn’t even their favourite haha. And of course, Hitchhiker’s Guide references are the best!

      • Gryph

        I think after a while, it starts to sound like “you” and you don’t often think about changing it. For myself, anyway – I know some folks change their names often! I think I also don’t feel like I have the time for it by now. The longer I stay with the same name, the more things I’d have the change if I wanted a different one, and the more people know me as this name.

        • Exactly! That’s how it felt for me. I changed my gaming alias once or twice in my younger years and none of them ever stuck, so I went back to Psyche more often than not. Now it just feels like “me” and I don’t know how I could identify any other way haha.

  • I’ve been Ysharros online for almost 20 years now, back when ‘t were madness to let anyone know your real name (esp. if you were female), and now we’re all supposed to just be who we really are… well, Ysharros is part of who I really am.

    It’s the name of a character I wrote for an Ars Magica freeform way back in 1996 and it was one of my best characters ever (all 4,000 words of it on the character sheet — poor player…). It was also incredibly unlikely to be picked by anyone else on the internet since it’s a made-up Fey name, and that much has held true. On the rare occasions where the name is taken in a game I either assume it’s one of the 2 people who actually played that character, or someone who really admires me — it pleases me to think someone might admire me enough to nick my handle, lol.

    It’s Eee-SHAR-oss (to me), but I constantly have to pronounce it for people too. One gets used to it when one picks a weird handle. 🙂

    • Yeah, I can understand that! I feel like Psyche has just become me, and is definitely a part of my “identity”, I guess.

      I really love the pronunciation of Ysharros! I think it comes with the territory trying to get the name pronounced correctly haha.

  • Aywren

    I’ve been Aywren for about 15 years now, also a name I created for the Internet. It’s a slight change in spelling and sounds similar to my RL name, Erin, and I find that it’s usually not taken in games and communities (a big plus).

    Net friends, and some friends IRL, often shorten it to “Wren,” hence my avatar. I’ll answer to any of the three names! 🙂

    • Whoops, replied on my FFXIV Disqus account before, sorry!

      I really like that name and the story behind it! It’s definitely a bonus that it isn’t usually taken, and it’s always nice to have an easy nickname!