On MMO Progression (Blaugust #2)


I’ve never been one for hardcore raiding. In fact, Final Fantasy XIV was the first MMO I ever raided in at all. I came close in a few past MMOs, but I’ve always found myself bumbling around, levelling up and exploring but never taking the game very seriously. FFXIV was different, because in that game, I have met a group of like-minded people who make content progression fun, which is honestly what I’d always been missing.

That said, I find myself hungry. I want to do more. I want to experience more, challenge myself, and push myself to complete content. I don’t expect to ever be world first or even close to it, and I don’t have the time (unfortunately) to dedicate to such an endeavour. But I do find myself watching streams and videos of people progressing through FFXIV‘s most recent raid content (Alexander Savage) and wish I was doing so too.

This is something that’s been on my mind a lot, actually. We all say that we should only play a game for fun, but I find myself sometimes wondering if I could be accomplishing more with my time in-game. I guess in some ways I’m at odds with myself — at what point does it become “okay” for me to “settle”? Will I be okay with progressing through casual content, farming it for gear, and then stopping there?

I genuinely feel that Square Enix has done an incredibly impressive job at keeping lots of different kinds of players happy and engaged. For the casual players, there’s the 24-man mini-raids like the Crystal Tower saga, for the people who want to raid but don’t have the time or the group structure to progress through extremely challenging content, there was regular Coil and now Alexander, and for the more hardcore there’s Savage. But part of me feels like I still want to experience everything!

Now that I’ve had a taste for what raiding is like, will I ever truly be okay with being left in the dust as far as content is concerned?

  • Ellias Stormchaser

    It’s great that you found a good group of friends to progress with!

    I’ve personally given up on group content for the time being, as my play-time is never consistent. My dream is to be able to progress through a game from start-to-finish with a set group of friends – I guess I better sleep a lot.

    It’s probably a bit more work for casual folks like us, but maybe it’s worth it?

    Good luck!

    • I’m so glad I have, I genuinely never managed to in any other MMO that I’ve played.

      I think it probably is worth it! I do feel like we have a potential to “enjoy” the game more, but only because we do a wider variety of things. Even so, I wish I had more time to progress!

      Thanks so much!

  • I have been going through this exact thing myself. FF is a truly wonderful game, but in the end I cancelled because I felt like I just didn’t have the time free to play how I wanted to. My conclusion is that being a grown up sucks sometimes.

    • I completely agree! I don’t see myself cancelling my sub any time soon, but I am frustrated with the lack of time I have!

      It doesn’t help that my fiancé doesn’t play, and always wants to play something else haha.

      • Ha, yep, that definitely puts a dampener on things! My husband was the one who got my back into FF, but then he decided that he’d go off to Heroes of the Storm instead.

        • Oh no! That’s even worse, mine just never was all that interested to begin with haha.

  • Dario

    I agree with your sentiment. I haven’t done Alexander Savage yet with my group and while I’m happy with the success we’ve had, another part of me just wants to dive in and go go go. I don’t consider it settling because there’s so much to do and we all have a limited time to do it. Just do the best you can and have fun!

    • Yeah I think I need to try really hard to get out of that mindset and just enjoy what I am doing. I don’t HAVE to do Savage…I just feel like I’m missing out a little! But you’re totally right.

  • Aywren

    I’ve never been a raider, so I understand where you’re coming from in FFXIV. I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s how gently the game nudges you into the deep water that makes it feel okay to give it a try. Once you get a good group of people who are just there to have fun, it really starts to click.

    I just started Alexander Normal last night, so I still have a lot of learning to do! I never did any of the Coil, but will maybe go back to it one day since we can now do it unsynced!

    • You’re completely right. The nudge is so gentle it’s barely there, and you feel like there aren’t these massive expectations or requirements to give it a shot at least once. And once you find one group of people you can run with, it’s definitely much more fun!

      Alex Normal is a lot of fun! We cleared most of Coil, but I’ll always regret that we didn’t manage to clear T12 and T13. 🙁 We were so close!

  • Final Fantasy XIV is the best example of raiding done right for a broader audience. I am so glad you’ve taken to it!

    • Totally right. It’s a great example of raiding done right, especially with Savage being slightly different now than it was during Coil times. It’s more accessible, without “dumbing” down the experience.

  • Ohh go on :3 I am pretty sure you will enjoy it. Raiding and the challenge that comes with it is great. But dont let it get to you too much. I recently cancled my WoW Subscription because I wanted too much. My Guild had struggled a bit in hero (the new “normal” mode) and mythic wasnt near at all. I noticed how I got more and more angry because I felt the others would hold me back. It got so far, that i started to skip raids to do other stuff. I really didnt liked who I had become and decided that i needed a break from it all to just talk to the people I really like without hurting them and find something where i dont feel the need to belong to the best to have fun. I guess thats why I started FF14 in the end. I run around knowing nothing, lvling 5 different classes before i even hit 60. And everything I learned about raiding is something I think I can enjoy more “casual” than i used to raid and I love it. If i ever end up in savage or not, i dont even care. I enjoy the game as a whole. :3 I think I love the new system. I hope you find the challenge you look for.

    • I’m sorry you had a rough time with your guild and raiding! I think it’s good that you decided to take a break to make things better for you.

      You’re right though, I think it’s important that you enjoy the game as a whole, with or without the raiding experience. I would like to try Savage, but maybe I just won’t take it as seriously as the average raiding guild? I’m not sure. I just want to try things and enjoy the challenge without necessarily needing to clear, since I know that might require more of a time commitment than I can realistically make.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying FFXIV!