Death & Devastation in ARK: Survival Evolved

Losing my first tamed dinosaur in ARK: Survival EvolvedI never knew how attached I could become to a virtual dinosaur until my first battle dino pet, Smiler the little girl Dilo, was slain in a valiant battle in ARK: Survival Evolved. We took our newly found pets (you might remember them as the small dinosaurs in Jurassic Park who spat at everyone who passed them by) hunting, killed a few of their own kind as well as even a few raptors, until one of them (I blame Giggles, T’s little dude) accidentally got on the wrong side of a Trike and pulled an entire horde of them.

In my efforts to defend the pair, I got myself trampled and lost all my gear, hence the nudity in the screenshot. I may not have been able to get back my gear, but I found the bodies of our little warriors, plopped them unceremoniously next to a rock, and promptly went about punching trees through great damage to myself (when you have no tools, punching trees to get materials really hurts!) to build a signpost in their honour.

Rest in peace, Smiler and Giggles. I’m sorry T harvested the meat and hide from your corpses while I was trying to build your memorial.