Games you shouldn’t miss in the Steam Summer Sale

Hello, yes, remember me? That “blogger” who hasn’t actually written a blog post in, *gasp*, over a month? I know, I know, memory is already fading. I’m terribly sorry!

However, that’s not why I’m here. Today, I’m here to talk to you about the Steam Summer Sale, an annual event that has all PC gamers everywhere equally excited and worried, looking at their wallets (or digital wallets) in despair. Everyone knows they’ll probably spend more money than they really should, but if it bags them an excellent deal, who can really be too disappointed?

To help you during this difficult time, here are some of my personal recommendations for games you absolutely shouldn’t miss during the Summer Sales!

1. Divinity: Original Sin

I absolutely adore this gorgeous story-driven RPG by Larian Studios. I invested 40 hours into one playthrough without even noticing the time go by, and have recently started another that I’m streaming with T. It’s a lot of fun and the devs are committed to updating it, with a recent update making it more controller-friendly and adding additional story content.

2. Risk of Rain

Fun platform rogue-lite with unlocks, what’s not to love? I enjoy achievements on any normal day, but even better if I can actually unlock new playable characters and weird bonuses (all enemies explode on death, causing absolute mayhem for me and apparently no problems for the enemy team? Amazing.) It has its issues, but with a few friends Risk of Rain is a ton of fun.

3. Pillars of Eternity

If you’re an old-school, turn-based RPG fan (think Baldur’s Gate) and you haven’t already played this gem, where on earth have you been? Definitely worth picking up, and I found myself completely lost in the game for a few long evenings, wrapped up in front of my PC. The combat is great for a bit of nostalgia, and the story-telling is incredible. There are a lot of interesting story features, such as mini cutscenes that feel like you’re being told a story around a campfire, one of my personal favourite experiences so far. If you’re still not sold, check out my first impressions review.

4. Outlast

I love being scared. I’m probably the easiest person to freak out on the planet, but I absolutely adore being terrified out of my wits. The first game to truly scare me to the point that it had a real, tangible effect on me, is Outlast by Red Barrel Studios. I honestly think it’s a masterpiece as far as horror games go, particularly because of its atmosphere and its amazing ability to lull the player into a false sense of security, then immediately throw you into a horrific situation that you weren’t expecting. Fantastic game, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys scary games!

5. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

This game always felt like a singleplayer MMO, and reminded me a lot of a more action-oriented vanilla WoW (but, of course, singleplayer). I have always thought it was very underappreciated, so if you enjoy RPGs, this is one I can easily recommend!

6. Saints Row Series

Any of the Saints Row games would be great to pick-up, but I played through Saints Row: The Third and started Saints Row IV a few weeks ago. It’s a ton of fun; reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto but with a childish but fun sense of humour mixed in. If you haven’t played these games, they’re great fun with a friend! T and I have had a real laugh playing through the games together.

7. Transistor

If you liked Bastion, or enjoy artistic, beautiful games with wonderful soundtracks, Transistor is all of that and more. I absolutely adored this game; it’s geeky but fun, and the story is lovely. That’s not to mention how absolutely gorgeous it is. Definitely recommend picking it up if you see it on sale (and even if you don’t!)

8. Broforce

This game is absolutely hilarious, and so much fun to play with a friend or two…though prepare to accidentally kill each other! Again, another game for those with a childish sense of humour, it features characters from various action flicks but with their names modified to have “Bro” in there somewhere. A ton of fun and lots of laughs, just make sure to have a controller!

Some honourable mentions…
Of course I couldn’t get all the games I have enjoyed in here, but a few others you might want to keep an eye out for: Hammerwatch, Banished, FTL: Faster Than Light, Don’t Starve Together, Nidhogg, The Wolf Among Us, and Shovel Knight.

What games will you be trying to grab during the Steam Summer Sale?