Heavensward & Au Ra Excitement (FFXIV)

My Au Ra Xaela lady, one of my two choices for Heavensward when it releases.

My second Au Ra and the one I will probably go with.

With FFXIV’s first expansion pack, Heavensward just around the corner, everyone has been sharing their benchmark scores (I got 7800 on highest DX11 settings on 1920×1080, and 11000 on the same settings but 1280×720) and, perhaps more importantly — oh, who am I kidding, absolutely more importantly! — the appearances of their Au Ra, the new dragon-based race being introduced.

These are mine, and I cannot decide between them! While I definitely prefer the appearance of the Raen, I have to say that I still love the lore of the Xaela and of course the aesthetic with the darker scales. I think I will keep tweaking until I’m happy with both then make a decision, but at this point I feel like I’ll go with the Raen.

Now my only real concern is what to call myself! I’m not sure my character’s name really suits the Au Ra, as her name is Sirantha Swift, but then again it never really suited Miqo’te either, so I’m not sure what to do with myself! But, with me taking a week off work specifically for the expansion hype, I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m really excited in a way I’ve not been for an MMO in a long, long time, if ever.

Will you be switching to Au Ra too?
Let me know in the comments and share screenshots if you have any!

  • sagewisdom

    I’m actually planning to alt as an Au Ra, but I haven’t decided which one I like yet. Thoughts?


    • Ohh, I really like the second one! The one with the kinda greyish hair? I love the colours on the skin contrasting with the eyes.

      I actually really like the male Au Ra, I was surprised! I wish one of the clans had really tall, succubus-esque ladies though.

  • Jon Camp

    I don’t plan to roll a new character nor to use my Fantasia potion. Roegadyn4Life!

    Ok, don’t actually care about the race, but I like my character’s looks. And I think the Au Ra just look like Miqo’te plus scales and horns with a re-skinned tail and while I do think that the Miqo’te are cute, I also don’t care to play as one, so….. Yeah, staying with my Roe.

    I talked briefly about it in my post from yesterday: https://nomadicgamer.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/ffxiv-a-slow-week/