The Time for T9 Has Come! (FFXIV)

FFXIV: It's time for Cake to kill Nael Deus Darnus in T9!

My Free Company and I have been spending the last few weeks in the Holocharts working on downing The Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 4, also known as Turn 9 or T9. For those of you who either don’t play or aren’t familiar with the raiding system of FFXIV, Coil is the end-game 8-man raid of the game, beginning with the five turns from the Binding Coil of Bahamut, followed by the four turns of the Second Coil of Bahamut, and finally the Final Coil of Bahamut which we are eagerly anticipating for the near future! The last turn of each Coil is notoriously a skill-gate of sorts, as they often have difficult mechanics to overcome. T9 is definitely no exception and this week is our seventh week working on it.

I have been a little quiet lately, and this is part of the reason why. I’ve been watching and reading guides, practising in between raid nights, and generally being quite addicted to FFXIV all over again. I had never stopped playing, but I was feeling a little demotivated and all this work and excitement has got me hyped up!

I’ve also felt a renewed love for my FC and how our group works together. I tried out a few party-finder groups at the weekend for additional practice (and I certainly wouldn’t have said no to a clear if it had happened!) and realised that sometimes, the group you’re comfortable with really is the best way to go. I can’t wait to feel like we’ve made a major achievement on our journey together, and start looking into finishing of the Coil storylines in time for the upcoming expansion!

  • sagewisdom

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. FFXIV is one of the best games ever at fostering comraderie and team work among players. The mechanics rely on you to trust the people you’re working with to do their job and do it right, and the way it tries to ease off competition among players means you spend more time with comrades than enemies. With the new player bonus in dungeons and commendation system, you also have majority of the vets stepping up to be leaders and heroes to new players.
    In short, Final Fantasy XIV literally turns you into one of the characters in any other Final Fantasy game and makes your teammates essentially be the same as the team of the protagonist of all the other games. They are your Locke to your Terra, their Tifa to your Cloud, your Zell to your Squall. And, you feel it!

    • I totally agree, FFXIV is excellent at fostering an environment that encourages teamwork and even friendship. This is the first MMO I’ve played that really felt like an MMO due to the friendships I’ve forged, and we clear the content together for the most part which I think is excellent.

      It’s interesting how this is the way that FFXIV resembles previous Final Fantasy games most; through the friendships you make much like the companions you would have had in previous games.

  • Jaiii :3 Congrats on the Kill!
    Reading Blogs like this make me wanna start my own. I love to read when people share their achievements ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck on the next turns<3