Just Sayin’: Donation buttons aren’t terrible

Just Sayin': Donation buttons aren't terrible.
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I don’t personally have a donate button on my blog or stream, but I’ve seen a lot of great streamers who do. I generally don’t choose to donate to them, but I think it’s a great way for people to show support to people who create great content, be it through writing, video, podcasting or any other medium. I have, however, seen a lot of hate directed at people who have a donation button.

My first problem with this is that these people are creating content that you enjoy watching…for free. There is no charge, and a donation is by its very nature a voluntary thing. Now, I can understand being frustrated by people going out of their way to solicit donations, or making it the main focus of their content, but this shouldn’t reflect poorly on the people who work hard and have a donation option available to anyone who is interested in adding some additional support. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with someone earning a little bit of cash from doing something they love, if they have the option available to them.

My second problem, is that a lot of female content creators, particularly streamers or video creators, get a lot of flak for this in particular. Now, I don’t want to sound like a broken record (which I know I probably am at this point) but it is definitely not a women-only thing. I see plenty of male streamers or content creators accepting donations for their content too, and that’s okay! “But women only get donations because boobs!” I hear you cry. Not only is that irrelevant, but it’s also not true. A lot of streamers, regardless of gender, receive donations because people like to support them, and want them to continue doing what they do. Why? Because they’re fun to watch, and losing that entertainment would be upsetting to a lot of people who enjoy their content.

So while I don’t feel that a donation button is right for me at the moment, I don’t look down on someone who has one. I turn my nose up a bit at those who beg for donations or add to their intro or outro that there’s a very easy way to donate down below, however those who simply have an option available do not bother me in the slightest. You’re totally entitled to your opinion, of course, but don’t paint all content creators with the same brush, particularly if you’re going to make it a gender-based thing. It’s not.

Just sayin’…

  • Heather

    I agree! I don’t typically donate either (or take donations myself) but I’m not going to begrudge someone for putting up a donation button, especially if they provide talent, insight, or humour.

    • Exactly! I haven’t donated to someone before, but I have subscribed to two streamers whom I enjoy watching as much as I can, and I really do believe in supporting streamers if possible. I just think people have a tendency to get bent out of shape about people seemingly asking for money.

  • Rhiannon

    I don’t see the harm in it at all. If you enjoy watching their videos a lot, giving a couple of quid towards them is a nice way of gratitude and just to support them. Though I do get annoyed when I browse some streams and there’s a girls in full on make up and nearly no clothes, it’s all just like why. If people don’t like things now everyone has something to say, just ignore it and move along people x

    • While I don’t mind seeing a girl dolled up on a stream, I do find it annoying if a girl is obviously trying to use herself rather than her content to get more viewers, and worse still if they’re repeatedly alluding to donations a lot. That can get annoying because it’s less about the game and being funny or entertaining, and more about finding the easiest way to manipulate money out of a person, or at least that’s how it seems.

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