Why I won’t be playing ESO

Why I won't be playing The Elder Scrolls Online. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a massive The Elder Scrolls fangirl. I mean, cried-a-single-tear-of-joy-when-Skyrim-was-announced fangirl. And I’m not even ashamed! But we need to sit down and have a chat about The Elder Scrolls Online or ESO for short.

Yesterday, I heard the news that The Elder Scrolls Online collector’s edition and preorder packs had been released and the community weren’t too happy about them. I looked into it myself and could see why.

As a bit of backstory, while I was at Gamescom last year, I heard that ESO was going to have a cash shop. This in and of itself wasn’t a bad thing necessarily, especially if they only offered cosmetic items, but considering their marketing angle was, “Access all of the game with one low monthly fee!” (Paraphrasing, of course.) They then introduced the cash shop and it just left a bad taste in my mouth, as it wasn’t really aligned with their marketing campaign. But I was still okay with it. Again, cosmetic items are fine, and I am addicted to buying vanity pets!

However, their Collector’s Edition allows an exclusive race, Imperial. And if you preorder? You can play all races on any alliance. The latter isn’t so bad, but locking an entire race with “unique bonuses” to CE? That’s ridiculous. I have enough money to buy the CE, and wouldn’t shy away from it normally, but this just goes against everything I believe in as far as game pricing is concerned. When there are many MMOs out there that are just as enjoyable, if not more so, and for less with no exclusive bonuses, races or classes for CE, why would I want to invest in something I’m not even sure I’d enjoy when I fundamentally don’t agree with what they’re doing?

And so I’ve made the decision not to buy. Of course there will be people out there who will, and that’s great, but I am already fully invested in FFXIV and have no desire to spend all of my time getting into another MMO right now unless it really blows me away, which frankly, ESO? You haven’t really done.

  • After watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but wonder if the story seems similar to Warcraft 3, hero faces demonic army, dies, comes back, raises dead and attacks his own people.

    I don’t know while I am interested I just can’t justify it or get excited about it, and its not even developed by Bethesda its made by Zenmaster I believe?

    • It’s developed by Zenimax Online, which is slightly separate to Zenimax Media (which owns Bethesda, id Software and Arkane Studios). So it’s not overly surprising that it’s a little different, as the other TES games were developed by Bethesda. They’re all under the same parent company, but I shouldn’t be too surprised I suppose!

      I think a lot of MMOs end up having a similar theme to them, but really it feels like it’s just strayed a little too much from what I loved about TES. I like the class customisation options, but that’s about all it had going for it that appealed to me, unfortunately.

  • J.

    Honestly if I had a working PC I wouldn’t care much about ESO and I probably would have gotten FFXIV especially since I just love the series. As you say you’re an Elder Scrolls fangirl I’d be the Final Fantasy one lol. But that’s besides the point haha.

    After they did announce that though it did put me off a bit. I’m the type of person who usually doesn’t buy a game unless I can try it in beta first or they have a trial option. Considering it’s brand new I don’t see them having a trial period and unless they have an open beta weekend event or something I highly doubt I’ll be playing it sadly. I mean the perks of the Imperial race aren’t too interesting to me but yeah I don’t agree with them basically selling an exclusive race.

    But who knows, I may still end up changing my mind and preordering it because I can only play WoW and GW2 for so long without getting bored lol.

    • Haha, yeah I was never a huge Final Fantasy fangirl, I just liked XI and XIV (and VII, way back when). But TES was my thing, and I’m so disappointed to hear they’ve gone this direction. I know it’s Zenimax Online, not Bethesda specifically, but still!

      Like you say, the perks of the Imperial race don’t interest me that much, but I just feel like I can’t support a game that does this kind of thing. I’m really hoping they reconsider, but I doubt it.

      Hope you find a game you can play to keep you entertained, since I do know that there’s only so much of a game you can play before you get bored! I’m really glad I’ve got so invested in FFXIV, it’s really hitting the spot right now.

  • Molotova

    “And if you preorder? You can play all classes on any race.”

    I think what you mean is
    “And if you preorder? You can play any race in any Alliance.”

    All classes have always been available to all races afaik

    • Apologies, you’re totally correct. 🙂

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